What is the touchstone of the LED lighting industry?

Energy conservation and environmental protection is the trend of today's society. With the continuous guidance and promotion of governments, energy-saving, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lighting products have been well received by the market. The LED lighting industry has leapt to the forefront of investment hotspots, large and small brands. And factories have sprung up everywhere at home and abroad, and local governments have also rushed to invest resources to support LED lighting as a key industry. In 2014, as the key year for the global ban on incandescent lamps, incandescent lamps will gradually withdraw from the historical arena. The prices of LED lighting products continue to decline, and prices have entered the sweet spot acceptable to the mass market. However, the market PK between enterprises is not centered on product quality, cost performance, etc., but a big "price war." As we all know, large-scale production is the key to reducing costs. If mass production cannot be achieved, the price of the product will be lowered and the quality of the product will be difficult to guarantee. We can foresee that the crisis of trust in the LED lighting market is coming. In general, products are the lifeblood of a company, and quality is the foundation on which companies depend for survival and development. Although the country has continuously formulated and released relevant standards, it provides a standard basis for solving the lack of industry standards and product quality. However, due to the many links involved in the LED industry chain, some relevant standards still need to be improved and improved. What confuses the LED lighting industry is that LED industry standards are missing, and there is no standard to judge whether the quality is good or bad. The LED lighting industry is developing rapidly. Relatively speaking, the process from the formulation to the promulgation and implementation of the standard is relatively long. In the opinion of many experts in the industry, the LED standard cannot keep up with the speed of industrial development. Some enterprises lament that the standard has been introduced for a long time. Some standards have even been "out" when they are introduced. Instead, they limit the development speed and scale of the industry. Short-sighted enterprises only want to "catch up the money" and smash the fire before the standard is unified. ", disrupted the market order, affecting the healthy and orderly development of the LED lighting industry. Many lighting companies are looking forward to it, and hope to introduce perfect national standards as soon as possible to guide the development of the LED lighting industry. However, some companies believe that national standards are not as good as industry standards, industry standards are not as good as corporate standards, and national standards may become a hotbed for protecting the weak. Is the national standard a touchstone for the LED lighting industry? According to China's standard implementation law, national standards are universal standards and are the minimum standards. For technical requirements that do not have national standards and need to be unified within a certain industry in the country, industry standards can be formulated as a supplement to national standards. When the corresponding national standards are implemented, the industry standards should be abolished. The scope of the industry standard and the scope of the industry standards it manages shall be examined and approved by the administrative department of the State Council. If the products produced by the enterprise do not have national standards or industry standards, the enterprise standards shall be formulated as the basis for organizing production. The product standards of the enterprise shall be reported to the local government standardization administrative department and the relevant administrative department for the record. Where there are national standards or industry standards, the state encourages enterprises to formulate enterprise standards that are stricter than national standards or industry standards, and are applicable within the enterprise. In order to improve their competitiveness, some enterprises must strictly comply with national standards and even higher than industry standards in terms of product standards. Since the exposure of the "Nongfu Spring Quality Door", the relationship between the national standard, the standard and the enterprise standard has become more subtle, and the call for seeking common ground while reserving differences has become even more acute. Enterprises call for corporate standards to be attached and higher than national standards. The state is also encouraging enterprises to strengthen technological innovation while considering long-term considerations and regulating market order. Today, the national standard setting for the LED lighting industry also inherits the spirit of seeking common ground while reserving differences. No rules are not square. If you want the industry to develop, it is the key to have the corresponding standards. Standardization is the inevitable process for the development of various industries, and it is also a hard condition for participating in global competition. As an emerging industry, LED lighting needs to improve the standards and guide the industry's steady progress. However, in the LED lighting industry, only the standard can refine the real gold? In Xiaobian's view, the product is the touchstone of the LED lighting industry, and enterprises must rely on products to speak. The LED lighting industry has repeatedly been exposed to “quality gates”, not only the lack of standards, but more importantly, the lack of certain corporate moral bottom lines. For the sake of self-interest, sacrificing product quality, and even disregarding consumer safety, is the biggest "cancer" that hinders the development of the LED lighting industry. The LED lighting industry is shuffling soon, and the introduction of national standards will certainly promote the big wave of shuffling. Big waves and sands began to see gold, and enterprises can only survive if they are "clean and self-satisfied." For the moment, if enterprises want to survive and make great progress, they must abandon their dissatisfaction and complaints about the status quo of the industry, and let the product quality be as close as possible to higher standards, so as to promote the benign competition of the industry, and the enterprises lacking morality. It will surely "sink" in the wave of shuffling.

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