Three camps to grab the LED lighting market share

In 2014, it was praised by the LED lighting industry as a golden period of development. Many companies have made a series of positive strategic deployments in order to seize the development opportunities and win the market. They are looking forward to winning this hard battle in 2014. The first echelon of the LED lighting industry. Shouzhuo. LED lighting saw the development prospects of the LED lighting industry, actively adjusted the layout, brand and channel, and looked forward to the rapid development of the first Zhuo brand.
It is understood that the first Zhuo. LED Lighting was established in 2008 and is one of the brands of Shenzhen Yuxinfeng Group. It has the advantages of LED upstream chip, midstream packaging and downstream application lighting. It has a complete R&D, production, sales and service system to provide customers with High-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, safe high-quality LED lighting products and the most suitable lighting solutions, its marketing network throughout the country. Shouzhuo. LED lighting is deeply researching the advanced concepts and technologies of commercial display lighting. It has industry-leading LED track lights, blasting lights, downlights, ceiling lights and other products. It has a high market share in the field of display lighting such as furniture and building materials. Leading the brand.
The brand structure is undecided, and the market segment is the leader. Some industry insiders said that the LED lighting industry in 2014 will have an echelon pattern, and the first one. Tao Wenming, general manager of LED lighting, does not think so. He said that it is too early to define 2014 as the formation period of LED lighting leading brands and echelon camps, but this development trend will certainly be presented soon. Companies with accurate brand positioning and strategic measures will become the leader in the lighting industry in the future. From a product perspective, at least in the next three years, it is difficult for a company to become the leading brand of a full range of products, but in a certain product field, it can form a leading brand in the segment. It is the first. In terms of LED lighting, its brand positioning is clear and clear, that is, it is necessary to display lighting in the field of commercial lighting.
From the marketing level, enterprises with advanced brand awareness and service awareness will be at the forefront of the market, but the premise is that the marketing leader and the helm of this enterprise must have a good channel awareness, otherwise it will be difficult to enhance the status of the brand. It is even more difficult to become a leading brand. If you want to build a successful brand, you don't rely on large-scale advertising investment from land, sea and air, and you can get good results by simply relying on products. After all, good wine is also afraid of alleys. It is the integration of the marketing chain. The marketing chain includes the construction of channels, the distribution of outlets, the development of products, the investment of advertisements, the recognition and recognition of consumers, etc. In the final analysis, the penetration of enterprises and brands in various fields. Force, only when the penetration reaches a certain node, can the entire brand reach a sufficient height. Therefore, in the next three years, there will be a leader in the field of single products. From 2016 to 2018, the strategic pattern of the brand will be settled, and the echelon camp will be basically formed.
The three camps compete to capture the LED lighting market as a new type of lighting tool. Because of its energy-saving, environmental protection and safety features, it is highly respected by the market. Enterprises entering the LED lighting field are taking advantage of the trend and taking advantage of the trend. Companies involved in LED lighting products are mainly divided into three types: traditional lighting to LED lighting companies, new LED lighting companies and cross-border LED lighting companies. In the view of Tao Wenming, the three types of enterprises each have their own advantages and shortcomings. First of all, the traditional lighting to LED lighting companies have a relatively complete understanding of optics, and some large enterprises have mastered the complete industrial chain or supply chain advantages, and can rely on channel advantages to quickly intervene in the LED lighting market, but the market application requirements are not too Under obvious circumstances, traditional lighting companies do not dare to fully transform, and are not willing to let go of the market share of traditional lighting, which will easily lead to a situation of mutual help. Cross-border LED lighting companies must first adapt to local conditions, solve the institutional problems of enterprises, and be familiar with the marketing methods and cooperation methods of LED lighting, namely: first, to understand lighting, second, to have resources, and third, to have channels. . The new LED lighting companies also hope to make the channels well and bloom everywhere. However, there are still many problems in the LED lighting market. The competition is very fierce, and the market entry threshold is very low. Some low-cost bottomless lines and no quality limit are unscrupulous. Enterprises have seriously disrupted the market order and caused a bad impact on the entire industry. In such a competitive market environment, how do LED lighting companies do their best in brands, products, channels and markets? Tao Wenming believes: First, enterprises must have a clear and clear positioning, including brand positioning, market positioning, product positioning, etc. Second, enterprises must form an industrial chain layout to strictly control product quality; third, enterprises It is necessary to refine the market and deepen the channels to maximize the protection of channels and consumers.
Now many LED lighting companies are doing channels, and the first one. LED lighting will be more precise and detailed. According to Tao Wenming, Shouzhuo conducted in-depth investment promotion activities in ten key provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Hunan and Jiangsu in 2014, and also held a large-scale public welfare activity in June to illuminate the future of the motherland. Zhuo brand has a more social responsibility. Shouzhuo brand pays more attention to the promotion of public welfare, which is closer to the hearts of channel customers and consumers.
Be an hunter or a farmer: Brand wins 2014
As a special symbol for making products have bargaining power and giving customers a sense of trust, enterprises must move toward branding in order to achieve sound development. Then, the development of a company is to do hunters to eat a single three-year, eat three years, or do intensive farming, cultivate channels to support the development of customers? To this end, Tao Wenming expressed his own opinion: to be a brand, companies must think about how to do it. In 2013, Shouzhuo. LED lighting has done a lot of market research on brands and products inside and outside the company, and it has clarified that Shouzhuo should do a good job in the brand building strategy of farmers. Tao Wenming believes that some LED lighting companies currently use hunting to do projects, shoot everywhere, hit the prey and eat enough. If they can't hit, they just wait to starve to death. They don't consider what brand development is going to pass. Kind of strategy to achieve. And the first Zhuo. LED lighting is a professional product, dedicated channel, for two reasons: First, through the channel to close the distance between products and consumers; Second, we must use the channel to carry out brand promotion. According to Tao Wenming, Shouzhuo. LED lighting strengthens and improves the industrial structure, strengthens the core competitive advantage, reduces the production cost of products and the cost of logistics and distribution, so as to benefit the channel customers and consumers.
Channels are one of the biggest challenges facing the LED lighting industry in the future, especially when the e-commerce era comes, how can LED lighting companies resist such shocks? Tao Wenming said that for the moment, the impact of e-commerce on physical stores is not very big. For the time being, it is not necessary to deliberately call the wolf, but in the future, it will inevitably cause certain competitive pressure on traditional channels. It will also be a marketing tool that cannot be underestimated. If it is used well, it can also promote performance growth and promote enterprise development.
Tao Wenming believes that it is still necessary to pay attention to the channel development method in the form of physical stores, because no matter how e-commerce develops, it can not replace the role of physical stores in terms of brand image and product display. However, from the provincial to the distribution of traditional channels, the more the intermediate links, the higher the cost, and the development of the channel is very unfavorable. Tao civilization introduced: Shou Zhuo. The channel flattening strategy adopted by LED lighting can solve such problems well, and reduce the comprehensive cost of channel operations by effectively improving the channel management level. He believes that it is not feasible to wear new shoes to take the old road. The channel model of LED lighting must be changed, and the logistics system also needs to be changed. In the future, the logistics system will definitely be a very important link in the channel construction. The customer's demand cycle and production cycle requirements for lamps are much shorter than those of large-sized goods, which greatly tests the logistics system of the enterprise. Zhuo. LED lighting will also increase investment in the construction of logistics system, to achieve efficient, fast and low-cost logistics, thereby reducing the risk of channel customers and maximizing benefits.

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