Hebei Xingtai HCl Tail Gas Purification Device Solving Environmental Problems

Recently, a new type of glass fiber reinforced plastic HCl exhaust gas purification and recovery device independently researched and developed by Hebei Shengzhou Xingtai FRP Co., Ltd. was applied in a number of chlor-alkali and polyvinyl chloride enterprises, which not only solved environmental pollution problems, but also brought considerable economic benefits to the company. .

At present, most chlor-alkali and polyvinyl chloride enterprises purify and recover the HCl tail gas produced in the production process by using the absorption process of the foaming tower. The absorption efficiency is low, and the subsequent consumption of neutralized alkali liquor is high, which also causes environmental pollution. After more than two years of technical research, Xingtai Company developed a new type of glass steel exhaust gas purification and recovery equipment and process system integrating HCl tail gas purification and hydrochloric acid recovery (“Two Towers Together”). The device has features such as reduced operating pressure, high recovery efficiency, and a large range of operational flexibility. At the same time, they combined the “two towers in one” new process developed on the basis of this equipment to realize the full recovery of HCl from the by-product and zero discharge of wastewater, and reduce the subsequent use of alkali liquor.

The hydrochloric acid recovery rate of this device is up to 99%, which is more than 10% higher than that of similar equipment. The concentration of hydrochloric acid recovered is ≥ 31%. It can be sold as finished product acid, and it can also recover HCl gas through hydrochloric acid desorption.

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