New Zealand government subsidies accelerate the outbreak of LED lighting market

Countries have vigorously promoted green economy, energy-saving and energy-saving LED lights, which are naturally sought after by the market. Darius PStep, Managing Director of Daste Phu from Poland, said that Poland has a population of about 14 million and is one of the important consumer markets in Eastern Europe. It is close to Russia, Germany and other countries, with frequent trades. “Polish location is superior, it is convenient for business, and Convenient export, only about 150 kilometers from Berlin and about 400 kilometers from Hamburg.” Poland's middle class is rapidly increasing demand for diversified lighting products. The company has been providing lighting design solutions for customers in Germany, Denmark, Russia, France and China, and imported lighting products. , sold to Polish local wholesalers, hotels, shopping malls, fashion retail outlets, etc. He said that the Polish economy continued to improve and the number of middle-class people increased rapidly, requiring lighting products to become more diversified. "The price is of course lower and better, but the quality, technology content, design and lighting products that meet safety certification are the most important." LED related research report 2014-2018 LED lighting industry market competition pattern analysis and investment potential research consulting report April 2014 2014-2018 China OLED market market situation monitoring and future development trend research report 2014-2018 China LED digital light tube Industry Market Competition Pattern and Investment Risk Analysis Report 2014-2018 China LED Automotive Lighting Industry Merger and Reorganization Deep Research Consultation Report 123 He pointed out that in recent years, the Polish government has vigorously advocated a green economy and encouraged enterprises to use products with better energy-saving effects, including LED lights. Drive local demand for LED lights. Mr Przemyslaw Kowalczyk, also the founder of LEDline from Poland, said that the company was established in 2009, specializing in the import of LED lights, wholesale to the local market and Czech, Bulgaria, Belgium, Ukraine and other places, hoping to cooperate with different brands to promote the value of each product and Competitiveness: "The European economy is stabilizing. The company imported 4 million US dollars of lighting products this year, an increase from previous years." He laughed that Poland's demand for LED lights is growing, "even in network search engines, LED lights and energy. Energy-saving products are popular search terms.” New Zealand provides subsidies to drive demand for LED lights for the Asia-Pacific market. Sam Anand, director and president of New Zealand lighting company AVANTI Lighting, said the company was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Auckland. It mainly provides lighting design services for hotels in Australia and New Zealand. He pointed out that there is a great demand for lighting products in Australia and New Zealand. The product category is LED lights for energy: “The New Zealand government provides enterprises with subsidies for purchasing environmentally friendly lighting products to drive local demand.” Countries have different certification requirements for lighting products, Anand It is mentioned that if the supplier wants to export the lighting products to the New Zealand market, the product must be accompanied by the C-Tick logo. The certification is not complicated, as long as the deployment is handled. It is worth mentioning that New Zealand revised the spotlight in recent months. ASNZ standard certification requirements, the industry pays more attention. He also pointed out that the design of lighting products in Hong Kong and the Mainland is too "Chinese style". The New Zealand market has a greater demand for Western-style design and outdoor lighting that is resistant to seawater erosion. Energy shortages demand for environmentally friendly energy-saving products In other emerging markets, Mikhail Pozhilov, director of business development at Palantir in Russia, said that the company has been importing lighting products from Germany, Spain, France, etc. However, due to the European crisis, product and energy costs are rising. The company is looking for new suppliers in Asia, not only for affordable energy-saving products, but also for products with quality assurance. Paul Steven Ymas Ramos, general manager of Savvy International Corporation in the Philippines, also mentioned that the company is engaged in LED project consulting projects. The Philippine economy is growing and the population is rising. It is also facing energy shortages. In the case of rising electricity tariffs, the Philippines is environmentally friendly and energy-saving LEDs. The demand for lamps is particularly large.

The linear ball bearing (also called ball bushing or shaft guiding) consists of a polymeric cage with raceway segments made of hardened steel to guide the ball sets within the complete system. Recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement.

Linear motion is the most basic of all motion. Linear Ball Bearings provide linear movement in one direction. 
A roller bearing, carries a load by placing rolling balls or rollers between two bearing rings called races. These bearings are comprised of an outer ring and several rows of balls retained by cages. Roller Bearings are manufactured in two styles: ball slides and roller slides.

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