Wenzhou University, male electrical technology earned 218,000 entrepreneurship

The day before yesterday evening, machine Wenzhou University Electrotechnical second-year graduate student Cheng Institute of Hu Xuelin just end the game back from Hangzhou, Wenzhou. He and his team won the Grand Prize at the 9th Challenge Cup Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Project Competition in Zhejiang Province, and the Vice Governor Zheng Jiwei presented the prize personally. His entry is a circuit breaker testing system for low voltage electrical business. It is understood that the product has been put into production and sales. Hu Xuelin also set up technology companies by virtue of technology, earning life pot of gold more than 20 million.

Inventions for local businesses are favored by competitions

The "Challenge Cup" business plan competition, Hu Xuelin and his team with research and development products, "semi-automatic delay detection system" won the Grand Prize. It is understood that this product holds an invention patent, 5 utility model patents.

"Most of the judges in this contest are entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in projects. Many entrepreneurs are interested in the research and development of Hu Xuelin at the scene, and the time they ask questions far exceeds the time limit for the defense of the competition. Products. "Wen Le, Party Secretary of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Fang Leping cheerfully said that" semi-automatic delay detection system "because of its practicality, relevance and service access to the judges of the judges favor.

According to the main developer Hu Xuelin introduction, "semi-automatic delay detection system" is testing a small circuit breaker pass rate of a machine, this machine can prevent unqualified products into the market, reduce security risks, you can automatically adjust the performance of unqualified circuit breaker , Making it a qualified product to reduce business losses. R & D of this product is for Wenzhou low-voltage electrical industry group and do.

He gave up research for Zhejiang University of Technology to research products

Hu Xuelin is a native of Hangzhou, undergraduate studying mechanical and electrical engineering at Wenzhou University. During college, he was liked by school teachers because of his excellent professional knowledge.

"When I was a senior year, my teacher Li Fengping once talked to me about the needs of some enterprises, and he had ideas to serve local enterprises. At that time, I did not have enough courses to do product research and development with my teachers." Hu Xuelin said Wenzhou Yueqing a lot of low-voltage electrical enterprises, they have to do inspection and found that such enterprises rely on manual assembly of circuit breakers, the product pass rate testing also rely on manual testing completed, both waste labor and can not be guaranteed Accuracy; Occasionally companies using semi-automatic detection system, but the accuracy is not high, can not be automatically adjusted.

"The role of the circuit breaker is to voluntarily cut off the power supply when the voltage and current are too large, so as to prevent the electrical appliances from being damaged. Therefore, it is very important that the circuit breaker is qualified. It can avoid unnecessary damage to household appliances and even avoid a fire." Hu Xuelin Introduction said. In April 2012, a university student R & D team with Hu Xuelin at its core was founded to start research on the circuit breaker detection system.

Their R & D projects have drawn the attention of local businesses. July 2012, Zhejiang Garcia Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation with them, took the first order.

In this period, Hu Xuelong Kaoyan admitted to Zhejiang University. This means that he can go back home to graduate school. But think twice, Hu Xuelin gave up Zhejiang University, and chose to stay in Wenzhou University research. "My project is still done, I do not want to give up." Hu Xuelin said.

"Technology male" entrepreneurship by knowledge profit 210,000 yuan

After three months of hard work, in September 2012, "Semi-Automatic Delay Detection System" was released. In March 2013, the research and development of this product won 1 national invention patent and 5 utility model patents.

The next way began to be spacious. More than a dozen low-voltage electrical enterprises came to the Hu Xuelin team olive branch, hoping to seek cooperation. Including Tianzheng Group, Universal Group, Changan Group, Great Wall Electric Group and other famous enterprises, and even received orders from Guangdong enterprises. As of the end of December last year, Hu Xuelin they sold 32 machines, earned the first pot of gold 15 million yuan.

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