6 simple steps to teach you how to clean the workbench

Clean bench is a kind of local purification equipment with strong universality. It is widely used in electronics, national defense, precision instruments, meters, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

1 It is forbidden to store unnecessary articles in the clean work area so as to maintain the clean air flow pattern.

2 Measure the average wind speed of the working area once an hour with an anemometer. If it is found that it does not meet the technical standards, adjust the pressure regulator to change the input voltage of the fan so that the workbench is in the best condition.

3 Before going to work, the cleaners must clean the surroundings of the workbench and purify the air.

4 Before entering the clean work area, the operator must wear clothes, pants, hats, gloves, etc. in the buffer room, and try to avoid actions that will obviously disturb the airflow pattern.

5 When using the worktable, ultraviolet light sterilization lamp shall be turned on for 500 minutes in advance to treat the microorganisms accumulated on the surface of the workbench in the purification work area. After 300 minutes, the sterilization lamp is turned off and the blower is started.

6 After the work is completed, clean the work surface with 0.1% benzalkonium disinfector, turn off the blower, turn on the UV lamp for 30 minutes, and finally turn off the power.

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