Dropping a taxi into the office behind the business car rental

As reported by several media in recent days, Didi taxis are indeed running a commercial car rental project. The Pakistani people learned early this year that Didi has split a technical team to take charge of commercial car rental projects. Bai Bo’s vice president of product technology, Zhang Bo, is responsible for this.

    By the middle of the year, insiders of Didi revealed that the project has been split into a single company operation and is part of the Didi Group. At the same time, at the same time, Tencent also sent a senior manager responsible for market public relations to Dickey to take charge of the company’s overall market work, serving as Vice President of Didi Marketing, which in turn brought another change in personnel. Previously, Zhang Jing, deputy president of Didi Taxi Operation where he worked for Vanke, has left the company. This is after the departure of Shen Weifeng, there is a deputy president of “Vankee Department” who has left.

After a series of reorganizations, DDT will infiltrate the commercial car rental market with new shirts, and the company’s own No. 1 car (formerly Hornet) and Easy Access will compete with each other.

u delayed taxiing in the past two months or at the end of August

Previously, Didi was originally expected to launch a commercial car rental project by the end of June this year. However, the time has dragged on and on until recently, insiders have revealed to the media that the on-line time has been confirmed in August of this year, and the reasons for the delay are not To say more, only said that the current government's policy on taxi app and commercial car rental is not clear.

At the same time, a number of easy-to-drivers disclosed to the media that the recent drip, No. 1 car (formerly Hornet), and aa car hire are all digging people, and unlike the easy ones, a drone will launch a u-trick or request. The driver is dressed in a formal tie and the service is similar to the aa car hire requirement.

Get together and enter, where is the business car rental?

At present, the commercial car rental brands on the market include Easy Car, AA Car Rental, uber, No. 1 car, and U-Tao, which is soon to be launched, and the number of commercial car rental brands in the Beijing market has exceeded 5, which reminds us of The fiery response of the market when the taxi app rises. According to the Palestinians, the commercial car rental market has the following advantages over the taxi app market.

First, it has a complete business model. Compared to the taxi app, which initially hoped to profit from the use of a fare increase taxi and even simply use advertising to make profits, the profit model of the commercial car rental became clearer. It recruited drivers and vehicles, found users, and paid for an order. The platform serves as an intermediary. Earning money, this model is rather like a taxi driver's relationship with taxi companies and passengers.

Under this reason, what is more important is that there are no definite profit-making methods for DDT. Both sides have been fighting for more than a year. Both the company itself and the investors may not want to have such a well-known product. This is followed by consumption, and the recent decline in activity due to the suspension of subsidies has also stimulated both parties to step up to a broader market.

Second, the pattern is relatively hidden. One of the reasons why the taxi app suffers from the government is that it has touched the interests of public transportation. As the most common consumer resource for ordinary consumers, the taxi market has been indirectly managed by local governments and incorporated into the entire public transportation system. Random price increase and competition will inevitably draw the attention of the government. The commercial car rental must be relatively concealed. It is similar to a "black car", but it is more formal than a black car. It has a well-organized organization system. It is difficult for regulators to find cash transactions in the operation process. However, it is undeniable that the government's attitude toward this behavior is not clear. On the one hand, it is required to crack down on black cars, and on the other hand, it encourages carpooling to use the idle resources of the society. There is still room for development of commercial car rental between the two.

Third, use idle resources to expand the incremental market.

The first two reasons are related to the model itself, and the third is the social value it brings. The Beijing municipal government had introduced relevant policies to encourage carpooling at the beginning of the year. The intention behind the policy is to revitalize the currently idle vehicle resources in the market. According to the Palestinians, regardless of the current situation of commercial rental vehicles, there are many black cars and more leasing companies, all of which are focused on the use of idle car resources in the society. Completely correct. The key is that as long as a similar regulatory approach is introduced, this model can deliver greater social value.

Will the commercial rental market once again stage a subsidy war?

The Palestinians’ view is negative. The reason is as follows:

First, for subsidies, the market is exhausted and investors are tired.

After experiencing the subsidy war at the beginning of the year, many passengers have returned to rationality for the price war. For the difference of one or two dollars, many people have not been so concerned about, and the endless public opinion war has already let the market's eyes get tired. More importantly, for the investors behind the DDT station, over-burning did not change the market structure. The rich driver passengers were poor themselves. From a business logic point of view, Tencent and Ali invested in taxi apps. Not to be charitable, the significance of savage money-burning for the two is actually not great. As Tencent, a listed company, the high operating expenses at the beginning of the year may also make Xiaoma’s mind awkward.

Second, the commercial rental market is not a price-oriented market.

First of all, from the perspective of passengers, business car rental is targeted at medium- and high-end car rental users whose consumption level is higher than that of the taxi app. Generally, the car rental fee will be 30%-50% higher than the taxi mileage of the same mileage. If the expensive car model is selected, it will be even higher. Turn several times. This car population itself is not sensitive to price.

Secondly, from the driver’s point of view, unlike taxi drivers who need to pay for children, the income of business drivers is not entirely based on the number of vehicles. After all, business people pay attention to service, and people in Pakistan understand that it includes easy access. Among them, a considerable number of drivers have fixed wages. The driver's response to price subsidies is completely zero.

In summary, the Pakistani people analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of commercial car rental. In fact, as a consumer, the Palestinian people have always been loyal users of commercial car rental. In addition to objective analysis, personally, the quality service of commercial car rental is my choice. The important reason for this product, and my concern is that once the incident occurred when the ride, who will compensate? This problem is also left to the screen practitioners.

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