Spring Festival Shenzhen Car Rental Tour "Eating" Tickets are not linked to fine

During the Chinese New Year, the public Mr. Liu went to Shenzhen to play. When he came back, he learned that because he was careless about parking, he was fined 500 yuan at a time. Mr. Liu, who was in Qingdao, was guilty of failing to pay the fine. The reporter learned from the traffic police department of the Daocheng City that Mr. Liu needs to be dealt with according to the local traffic regulations in Shenzhen.

On the 25th, the citizen Mr. Liu told reporters that during the Spring Festival, he went to Shenzhen for tourism and rented a car at a local car dealership. However, because he was not familiar with the traffic signs there, he accidentally “eaten” a ticket. When he returned to Qingdao, he received a notice and he was required to pay a fine of 500 yuan in accordance with local traffic laws. However, he consulted the Qingdao traffic police department and found that he could not pay in Qingdao.

In response, the reporter consulted the traffic police department of Daocheng City. According to reports, Mr. Liu's situation, because the two places are not connected, Mr. Liu needs to be dealt with according to Shenzhen's traffic regulations. The traffic police also reminded that during the Spring Festival, when driving outside, they must check their own traffic violations through Weibo, WeChat, SMS, and websites.

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