China instrumentation instrument development should pay attention to 5 points

China instrumentation instrument development should pay attention to 5 points

In today's industrial reforms, Cao Cao's "five-colored stick" emerged from the Eastern Han Dynasty. The development of China's instrumentation depends on understanding the current situation, knowing that "five colors stick", according to the trend.

According to market research and research, it is clear that in the coming period of time, the growth potential of the Chinese instrument market is still very large, but the market structure will change. Especially in the areas of food, environment, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences that are closely related to “human health”, there are still relatively large market opportunities. What are the opportunities for the Chinese instrument market?

It is understood that in 2014, the instrument market in the environmental protection field was “outstanding”, and the statistics of successful bids publicly released in 2014 showed that environmental protection, food and medicine, and medical and health have always occupied the top three purchases by government inspection agencies and research institutes. A large number of successful bid information shows that environmental equipment manufacturers have become more involved in the field of environmental monitoring, and the integration of infrastructure, operation and maintenance, and monitoring instruments has become a trend. In 2015, the focus was on the implementation of the three major plans of the “Plant on Soil Environmental Protection and Comprehensive Treatment Work Arrangements”, “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” and “Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan” issued by the State Council and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

As an instrument science and technology discipline, which is embodied in measurement and testing technology, automated instrumentation plays an increasingly important role in the development of China's national economy and science and technology. Instrumentation products are widely used in various fields such as industry, agriculture, transportation, science and technology, environmental protection, national defense, culture, education, health, and people's life. Under the drive of strong market demand and under the guidance of national macro-control policies, the development of China's instrumentation industry has A lot of room for improvement.

Although great progress has been made, there is still a big gap between our country and the international advanced level in the fields of automation control systems, field instruments, and key precision testing instruments. This is also a goal of the development of China's instrumentation industry in the future, to achieve, catch up, and lead the development of international technology. How should China's instrumentation industry develop in the future?

First, to further improve China's instrumentation technology and level, we must comply with the trend of industrial development, while strengthening the conventional varieties, while further developing intelligent instrumentation, improve the industry of digital, intelligent, integrated level. The application of new technologies is also indispensable, such as the use of new technologies such as variable frequency speed control, new motors, low power consumption, miniature piezoelectric ceramic I/P converters, Bluetooth communication technology, intelligence, and fieldbus to develop smart actuators, etc. .

Second, China's product quality and reliability have always been a major flaw in the development of the instrumentation industry, and it is also a problem that must be solved. China's instrumentation industry will improve the reliability, applicability and performance of its products in the future. In fact, in some product areas, China's self-developed products have reached international standards in terms of performance and functionality, but they are somewhat inferior in reliability and adaptability. This is also a major bottleneck for the future development of China's instrumentation industry, in order to make domestic instrumentation more competitive in the international market.

Third, to further enrich the instrument specifications, such as 1kPa below the micro-low pressure, 800kPa above the differential pressure range, more than 16MPa high static pressure, corrosion resistance and other specifications of the domestic transmitter, etc., are in great need. These products that can meet the requirements of special applications, if they cannot be produced, impose great restrictions on the development of their applications.

Fourth, further improve the degree of automation and precision products. The degree of automation of instrumentation in China is not high enough, and some of them still require manual operation. In today's widespread use of computer technology, in order to obtain higher efficiency and reduce labor intensity, we must further use computer technology to enhance the automation of instrumentation. The measurement accuracy should also be gradually improved, such as flow meters, metering instruments, etc. Higher accuracy can make the meter more reliable and have a wider range of applications.

5. At present, China's instrumentation products are mainly concentrated in middle and low-end markets, while high-end markets are dominated by foreign brands. In some high-end areas, domestic products are even blank, which requires future China's instrumentation to enter the high-end market, and expand the high-end product share. After the development of domestic instrumentation in the fields of technology, performance, reliability, quality, automation, precision, and high-end, the market share of China's instrumentation industry will surely increase.

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