·Soft control will increase tire green product development

On February 12, Soft Control Co., Ltd. said in an interview that the company will closely integrate the development of green tire technology, increase the research and development and investment of various new products, actively explore domestic and foreign markets, continuously innovate, improve product quality, and comprehensively improve. The company's core competitiveness.

Soft Control shares said that in the future, the investment and development of the tire industry will be more rational and standardized, and green safety tires will become the direction of industry development. Tire companies will increase technological innovation and product transformation and upgrading, and will invest more in product quality, brand and channel construction.

Energy saving, safety, high efficiency, automation, and informationization will become the most concerned topics for customers. New energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency, automated, intelligent, rubber equipment suitable for new green technologies will become a new trend in the market, and high-end intelligent manufacturing will Helping the transformation and upgrading of the tire industry.

The main business of Soft Controls is to provide application software, system integration and digital equipment to the tire industry.

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