·IT enterprises cross-border car-making cars to accelerate integration into the Internet thinking

With the development of the Internet, its influence on the automotive field has begun to extend from automotive products to the automotive industry.
At the beginning of February this year, Yizhi and Chery Automobile announced the establishment of Yiqi Automobile, and the new company will participate in the manufacturing, sales and leasing of pure electric vehicles.
In addition, LeEco recently announced its “See Plan” for auto manufacturing; Chery Automobile released the “Kaiyi” brand to build Internet cars last year, and the first product is expected to be listed at the end of this year; SAIC Group also Alibaba signed the "Internet Car" strategic cooperation agreement.
Not only domestic, but also international technology companies have begun to get involved in car manufacturing through different channels. In addition to Tesla, according to the British media "Economist" report, in February this year, Uber, the American taxi service company, announced that it will develop autonomous driving taxis; Apple also rumors that it has been developing electric vehicle products last week. .
The industry is more optimistic about the combination of Internet technology and automotive products. However, for Internet companies to participate in and lead the research and development of automobiles, experts from the automotive industry and even the Internet industry tend not to be optimistic, but the "Internet car wind" may also bring more changes to the automotive industry.
Cars integrated into the Internet thinking According to the "See plan" of LeTV, LeTV CEO Jia Yueting said that he will "replicate LeTV's previous vertical integration model" and build Internet smart electric vehicles through independent research and development. Jia Yueting's interpretation of "See" is: Super (Electric) Ecosystem (Ecosystem).
IT companies usually integrate with the "cloud" technology of the Internet, and are guided by the user experience, integrating the "cooperative mode" of operating systems, big data, communication, navigation, music and other resources. However, unlike LeTV's completely independent research and development, it is easy to use the car to explore the automobile manufacturing based on Internet thinking through cooperation with traditional car companies. The "Daily Economic News" reporter learned that among the three cooperative companies that founded Yiqi Automobile, Chery will be responsible for R&D and manufacturing, and Shanghai Botai Group will be responsible for the construction of the platform, and the cooperation will be led by Yizhi.
However, more technology companies have chosen to cooperate with traditional car companies to explore Internet cars. "Future Roewe 550 will launch a new product equipped with Alibaba system." A person in charge of the public relations department of SAIC Group told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that in the future, SAIC's own brand new products will be integrated with Alibaba's "YUNOS" operating system. Integrate the online and offline resources of both parties to provide smart travel services for car owners.
In addition, in November last year, Huawei Group signed cooperation agreements with Dongfeng, Changan and other car companies, which will provide car companies with touch screens and operating systems. In addition, IT companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and ZTE have also cooperated with traditional auto manufacturers in vehicle and vehicle auxiliary systems.
The Internet has a lot of tests. "I don't think Internet companies can quickly subvert car manufacturing." Dong Yang, executive vice president of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, told the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that "the two industries still have big differences." of."
In Dong Yang's view, auto manufacturing is more focused on hardware technology, and the current advantages of IT companies are more reflected in software.
However, most domestic Internet companies, including LeTV, do not have experience in manufacturing processes. It is understood that LeTV's TV products are mainly manufactured by Foxconn.
On the other hand, the analysis believes that Internet companies now want to take advantage of the trend of electrification to avoid their lack of internal combustion engine technology, but in fact, IT companies have no advantage in core technologies such as electric vehicle batteries, motors and electronic control. .
“The proportion of machinery manufacturing in automobile manufacturing is relatively large.” Zhongshi, an independent commentator in the automotive industry, told the Daily Economic News that this is the main challenge facing IT companies. However, “the future car must be intelligent. The electric car", so in the view of Zhong Shi, in today's Internet and car integration is getting higher, IT companies have an advantage in intelligence.
In this regard, automobile analyst Jia Xinguang believes that the current lack of innovation in domestic car companies leads to the lack of “Internet genes”, so the combination of traditional car companies and Internet companies is conducive to stimulating the innovation consciousness of car companies.
In fact, so far, the industry is still in the exploration stage for Internet vehicles. The concept of “Internet car” has not been fully and accurately defined. With the rapid integration of IT industry and automotive products, the intelligent and lightweight development of automobiles It requires the joint exploration of Internet companies and automobile companies.

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