Two police stations in Jiangsu are responsible for dissipating responsibility and civilian police interdiction

Two Jiangsu police station responsible for the elimination of responsibilities and civilian police suspended diesel generator | diesel generators price / 2010-08-20

Recently, some netizens posted a message on the Huasheng Forum about the incident: At about 00:00 on August 7, the Jingjiang Chengdong police station received an anonymous report saying that someone in the Golden Roman bathroom in the New District was involved in prostitution. After receiving the report, the police immediately went to the scene and took it to the scene. Four men and five women were captured. When the Chengdong Police Station took people downstairs, police officers from the police station of the New District also arrived.
The net posts described that about 30 policemen arrived at the police station in the New District. They seized the officers captured by the Chengdong Civil Police and placed them privately. They also beat several Chengdong civilian policemen. In a hurry, the police station of the Chengdong police station displayed a police officer's license. The unexpected result was that the policemen in the police station of the New District did not bother to deal with it. They actually smashed the police officer's certificate they had produced and stepped on the foot to continue besieging them. A police officer also broke his head: Chengdong Police Station.
Subsequently, the police station of Chengdong police station was forcibly taken on the police car, until the leadership of the Public Security Bureau arrived to calm down the situation. Net posts claim. The clashes caused five policemen from the police station in the east of the city to be wounded.
Chengdong Police Station:
May be wearing a casual suit causing conflicts
After seeing the net post, a reporter called the Jingdong City Chengdong police station. A staff member stated that the two police stations on the 7th day actually had a conflict, causing many civilian policemen in the Chengdong police station to be injured. At present, injured police officers can basically participate in the work. The reporter also wanted to ask questions such as the cause of the conflict. The staff member was very embarrassed and said that he would ask the leader for the specific situation.
Since then, the reporter once again called the Chengdong police station. A staff member initially said that he had not heard of the matter. After being questioned by reporters, he murmured: “We received a report on the evening of the 7th and rushed to the New District Golden Roman baths. However, it didn't take long for the police station in the New District to come over. It was just a meeting. The conflict may be due to misunderstandings caused by wearing plain clothes.”

The staff member denied that someone was injured and was hospitalized and said that he would consult the leader after consulting the leader. However, until the press was published, the reporter still did not receive an answer.
Jingjiang Public Security Bureau:
Disputes are individual police officers
The Jingjiang Public Security Bureau responded yesterday to the situation reflected on the post: On August 7, the Jingjiang City Public Security Bureau Chengdong police station’s police station, according to the bureau’s job requirements for cross-checking pornographic gambling, used plain clothes to investigate the prostitution of the Golden Roman bath in the New District. Hey, the bathroom staff sent a false alarm to the police station in the New District, claiming that someone had fought in the bathroom and caused confusion on the spot. In the chaos, police officers in the police stations in the New District did not find out the true situation. They simply tried to punish the police in disputes and caused disputes among individual police officers of the two police stations. During the incident, one of the auxiliary policemen was slightly injured.
After the incident, the Jingjiang Public Security Bureau quickly arrested two suspects who were suspected of introducing, retaining prostitution, and several suspected offenders. Due to the fact that police officers have been working mistakes, the responsibility of the new district police station leadership and civilian police has been stopped. At present, the case is under further investigation.
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