In July, the dead mother on the sixth floor of the big baby girl was hanged to death.

7-month-old baby girl died on the 6th floor of the mother and then died in a diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2010-08-16

Yesterday at 19:05, Ms. Ma called: I just went to a friend's house to play, Linping New City Garden, many people around there, the police car also came. I heard that one of the buildings on the 6th floor was quarreled by couples. As a result, children over six months old fell off the stairs and the children died on the spot. The husband ran down to send the child to the hospital, and the woman was hanged at home. This thing is so tragic.
Reporter Zhu Yan and correspondent Weng Chuchu: The New City Garden is a relatively high-end residential area built in Linping City in 2000. The price of second-hand housing is now around 11,000 yuan per square meter.
Yesterday at 3:40pm, the master of water delivery, Mr. Zhao, passed the path outside the north side of the Xincheng Garden District. He threw down a stack of things in front of the building and landed in the greenery and rolled to the side of the road.
“I thought someone was throwing a bag of rubbish and looking closely at the blood on the ground. It was a little baby.” Master Zhao quickly braked and looked up, and the window to the north of the sixth floor stairs was seen.
The baby's dad hurried downstairs and picked up the baby. Master Zhao ran to the roadside and called for a taxi. Dad sent the baby to the hospital...
At 5:30 in the afternoon, the police went to the baby's home - a room in the 6th floor of the 20th floor of the Xincheng Garden to knock on the door. No one should. Then he asked the locksmith to go in and found that the baby's mother was wearing pajamas and had been hung at home.
More than 6:00 in the evening, Yuhang District First People's Hospital Rescue Room:
On a sickbed, the entire body of the child had been covered by a surgical cloth, with only a small hand slightly exposed. The nurse said that it was a girl. She was seven months old. When she was sent to the hospital, her head was injured in many places and she has become soft.
The baby's mother was lying on another bed in the rescue room, with a purple bruise on the neck, and the skin of the limbs was green and white. The doctor is using the cardiopulmonary resuscitation device to rescue the patient, but the heartbeat and blood pressure displayed on the monitor next to him are always a straight line.
At this point, the baby's father has been taken away by the police and there are no other family members in the hospital.
It was learned from the neighbors that the husband and wife were outsiders. The man was over 40 years old and the woman was over 30 years old. They also had a 9-year-old son, but they were not in Linping. Neighbors do not know why the couple quarreled and the 7-month-old baby girl fell from the sixth floor.
Specific circumstances The police are investigating.
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