Staged "Caught in the Bed" and extorted 100,000 feet

Staged "Caught in the Bed" extortion stomping the boss 100,000 diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2010-08-22

With the money of a lame boss, the men and women who squatted and wove a set of “beautiful people” took advantage of the opportunity to extort the boss and extorted 100,000 yuan from the bed. After paying 30,000 yuan, the victim’s boss called the police. On August 21, Wang Qing and others, suspected of extortion, were detained by the Haimen Police.
Lu Yu, a 40-year-old owner of a screw factory in Haimen, has a good business despite his lack of appearance and leg disability. Lu Yu met with Wang Qing, a 30-year-old man, at the poker table. One day in April of this year, Wang Qing found a beautiful woman Yancheng citizen Chen Li started a scam. Soon after, at the poker table, Wang Qing introduced graceful grace to Lu Yu. Nearly middle-aged Lu Yu’s temptation to get to the United States became more sensational. On the afternoon of August 14th, when the two men reeled in the rented housing of Chen Li, the door was kicked open. An angry young man and a woman who claimed to be Chen Li’s sister rushed in. Yu is a hit. The next day, Lu Yu received a phone call from Chen Li. Chen Li said that she was driven out of her house by her husband and she did not want to live. In desperation, Lu Yu called Wang Qing for help. On the morning of August 17th, at Wang Qing’s home, he took the status of “middleman” and asked Lu Yu to pay 100,000 yuan to “make up” Chen Li. Lu Yu wrote a 100,000 yuan loan. That night, he sent 30,000 yuan to Wang Qing. The next day, Lu Yu, who felt something was wrong, alerted the local police. At 8 o'clock that evening, the police arrested Wang Qing and Chen Li, who were taking drugs in the room. Three people confessed to the fact of extortion. (Characters in the text are all pseudonyms)

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