Central Meteorological Station releases high-temperature warnings

Central Meteorological Station releases high-temperature warnings
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The Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue high-temperature yellow warnings at 6:00 on August 15. It is expected that there will be 35-37°C high-temperature weather in the southern part of Jiangsu, southern Jiangxi, most of south-central South China, and eastern Guizhou during the day.
Among them, temperatures in some parts of southern Hunan, central Jiangxi, Shanghai, central Zhejiang, and northern Fujian can reach 38-39°C, and local temperatures can reach 40°C.
Defense Guide:
1. Try to avoid outdoor activities during the high temperature period in the afternoon and provide summer and cool-down instructions for old, weak, sick and young people, and take necessary protective measures;
2, the relevant departments should pay attention to prevent excessive use of electricity, wires, transformers and other electrical equipment load caused by fire;
3. Workers under outdoor or high temperature conditions should take necessary protective measures;
4, pay attention to schedule, ensure sleep, if necessary, prepare some commonly used sunstroke cooling drugs;
5. The media should strengthen the publicity of the heatstroke prevention and cooling health knowledge, and the relevant departments shall implement measures to protect against heatstroke and cooling.
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