The armed police officers and soldiers obeyed the flood dike to ensure the safety of Yingxiu New City

The armed police officers and sailors stayed on the flood embankment to ensure Yingxiu New City safe diesel generators | diesel generators price / 2010-08-19

On the early morning of the 19th, Yingxiu was hit by heavy rain, causing the left bank flood drain to be completely blocked, directly threatening the newly hatched Yingxiu New City. After the disaster area occurred, the armed police officers immediately put emergency rescue work into operation, and stayed on the embankment to defend the flood all night and swear to protect the new Yingxiu.
At 10:40 pm on the evening of the 18th, hundreds of thousands of mudslides were rushed out again at the impact ditch of the Hongcun Village on the left bank of the Yingxiu River, and the left diversion spillway was blocked. All floods were drained from the right bank of the Lijiang River. The instantaneous flow of the river reached more than 750 cubic meters per second. The huge currents impacted the rear dam of Yingxiu Town. The water level rose rapidly. The situation of Yingxiu flood control was unprecedentedly severe.
“Quickly evacuated and quickly evacuated!” The senior security officer Dong Huanqiao blew an emergency evacuation signal, and the sharp whistle sounded particularly urgent in the rainy night. After 20 minutes, all personnel equipment was completely evacuated.
At 10:40 pm on the evening of the 18th, from the Hongcun impact ditch on the left bank of the Yingxiu-Lijiang River, a large number of mudslides rushed out again, only to listen to the rumbling rumblings, and to evade the soldiers in the Longxikou Tunnel less than 500 meters away from the cormorants. Feeling violent tremors, someone said with emotion: "Not a landslide."
At 2:10 a.m. on the 19th, the showers took an early break and the rain was slightly slower. The security officer ventured out of the tunnel and saw that the left flood drain was blocked and all the flood water was drained from the right bank of the Lijiang River. The huge current hit Yingxiu Town. In the latter embankment, the situation of Yingxiu flood control was unprecedentedly severe: the short-cut part of the flood protection embankment behind the protection of Yingxiu Town was only 50 centimeters away from the flood surface, and it was possible to flood the embankment at any time.
Rescue workers are divided into two emergency rescue operations: all the way to operate heavy machinery from the left bank over the burning of fire Ping Bridge, bypass the right bank of the Lijiang River into the flood control embankment, the flood violently impacted the slope of the burning fire Ping Bridge, the machinery can only be a vehicle on the bridge, and slow down .
All the way along the high-risk cable bridge walk into, the flood almost rushed onto the bridge, the huge waves caused by the flood caused the bridge to shake around. The officers and men clasped the bridge ropes with both hands, fearing that they would be swept away if they did not care.
“The flood control dike is about 260 meters long and was originally 2 meters high and 5 meters in height. It needs to be increased to 3 meters. The original width is 10 meters and it needs to be widened to 16 meters. It is very inconvenient to take the land. Officers and soldiers must be transported from a place 5 kilometers away. The difficulty is even greater, and we must complete our mission without any compromise!” said Lin Deyu, the eleventh detachment logistics director, to reporters.
“Iron Army is in, Yingxiu is in!” “The mission is difficult to follow me!” The officers and soldiers shouted and chanted slogans and ran back and forth on the embankment.
On the river where the night is overshadowed by the floods, vehicles and people are shuttled.
At 11:40 on the 19th, after 9 hours of armed police officers and men, the 16-meter-wide, 3-meter-high and 260-meter-long new flood protection dyke stood in isolation between the flood of the Lancang River and Xinyingxiu. (Finish)
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