Machine body casting standard

Ash casting standard: GB9434-88; Flat standard: JB/T7974-1999; Dimensional tolerance: GB6414-1999; Quality tolerance: GB/T11351-89; casting and platen hardness is HB160-220, flat feet and other products are HB170 -240 (hardness difference does not exceed HB40). Castings are annealed to eliminate internal stresses and 530-560°C furnace cooling.

Technical inspection
1. Foundry blanks must not have casting defects such as trachoma, shrinkage, and cracks.
2, castings should be annealed.
3, castings should be cleaned.
4, the surface of the casting should be sprayed with anti-rust paint (optional).
5, not casting casting radius R10.

Casting method is commonly used sand casting, followed by special casting methods, such as: metal casting, investment casting, gypsum casting, etc., and sand casting can be divided into clay sand type, organic binder sand type, resin self-hardening sand type, Lost mode and so on.

The principle of casting method selection:
1 The priority is to use sand casting. The main reason is that sand casting has lower cost, simpler production process and shorter production cycle than other casting methods. When the wet type can not meet the requirements, consider using a dry sand type, dry sand type, or other sand type. Clay wet sand castings can weigh from a few kilograms up to tens of kilograms, whereas clay dry type castings can weigh up to tens of tons.
2 The casting method should be compatible with the production batch. Low-pressure casting, die-casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods are only suitable for mass production because the equipment and molds are expensive.
3 modeling methods should be suitable for factory conditions. For example, castings such as large-scale machine tool beds are generally produced by using a core assembly method. Patterns and sand boxes are not produced, and cores are placed in pits. In other factories, sand box modeling methods are used to make patterns. Different companies' production conditions (including equipment, site, and staff quality, etc.), production habits, and accumulated experience are all different. Based on these conditions, we should consider what products are suitable and what products are not suitable (or cannot).
4 It is necessary to take into account the precision requirements and costs of castings.

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