Three-phase / six-phase microcomputer relay protection test instrument technical characteristics

Three-phase / six-phase microcomputer relay protection test instrument technical characteristics

Microcomputer relay protection tester is called: microcomputer relay protection calibrator, microcomputer relay protection instrument, relay protection tester, three-phase relay protection tester, relay tester, three-phase relay tester, three-phase relay Protection calibrator, relay calibrator, three-phase relay calibrator, relay protection instrument.

Microcomputer relay protection has been widely used in line protection, main transformer differential protection, excitation control and other fields. Substation integrated automation has become the mainstream. The relay protection tester is an important test tool to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power system.

Modern microcomputer relay protection tester can be divided into two forms, one is the traditional OCL power amplifier, the volume is large, the weight is about 25Kg, which is relatively bulky, the power amplifier tube works in the amplification area, the time is long and easy to damage, and the dynamic range Narrow, not high precision. The other is the use of switching power supply, the power amplifier uses digital power amplifier, small size, light weight, high efficiency, is the development direction of relay protection tester.

The relay protection tester is a new type of miniaturized microcomputer relay protection tester based on summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of similar products at home and abroad, widely listening to users' opinions, and fully utilizing modern microelectronic technology and power electronics technology. Switching amplifier technology, stand-alone operation is very powerful, and with PC software, it can be connected to the computer to run, the function is icing on the cake, and its volume and weight are only half of the traditional tester.

First, the working principle of relay protection test equipment:

The relay protection test instrument is divided into two loops: the main loop and the auxiliary loop. The main loop is adjusted by a large knob, the auxiliary loop is adjusted by a small knob, and the main loop controls the various quantities of the output through the “output selection” button switch on the panel, and The digital voltage/current meter on the instrument automatically monitors its output value each time an output is switched. The auxiliary circuit directly controls the output through the output switch control, and the measurement can be attached to the multimeter measurement.

1) Principle of main circuit of relay protection test instrument

The input AC220V power supply enters the input end of the double carbon brush regulator T1 through the output control relay K1, and the power regulated by the T1 large knob enters the isolation transformer T2. The current riser is divided into three tap outputs, one tap is AC0-250V output. The rated current is 3A; the tap output voltage can be outputted by 0-350V DC voltage after rectification and filtering; the second pumping is 15V (10A), the tap is controlled by the relay to output 0-10A AC current through the relay, one way through the resistor Output 0-500mA AC current, one channel can output 0-10A or 0-500mA DC current through relay conversion; the second tap is 10V (100A) high current end, the tap directly outputs 100A current through the primary side of the sensor, the loop The load capacity is strong, but the output is slightly overloaded and cannot be in a large current state for a long time. Thermal relay calibrator

2) Relay protection test instrument auxiliary circuit

The secondary circuit of the relay protection test instrument is the same as the main circuit. The AC220V power supply enters the voltage of the T1 small knob adjusted by the double carbon brush regulator. The output transformer 04 can directly adjust the output 0-20V or 0-250V AC voltage or 0. -350V DC voltage, this circuit is rated at 1A. Press the auxiliary circuit "output control" switch and adjust the small knob to output.

Second, the main features of the microcomputer relay protection tester:

1. The single machine runs independently. The device is operated by rotating the mouse through the large-screen liquid crystal display. The full set of Chinese display can verify various relays, protection and safety automatic devices on site, and can simulate various large and complex transients. Sexual and conversion failures were tested in the entire group.

2, connected to the computer operation, through the full set of Chinese operating software on the Windows98 platform, can carry out a variety of large-scale complex and more automated calibration work, can easily test and scan various protection settings, can store test data in real time, Display vector graphics, draw fault waveforms, print reports online, and more.

3. The liquid crystal display adopts 320×240 dot matrix graphic module, and the operation interface is displayed in Chinese, and the display is intuitive and clear.

4, "fool-like" operation, the use of advanced "rotary mouse" controller, eliminating the need for complex keyboard operations, no computer knowledge can be operated, easy to learn.

5. The whole machine adopts switching power supply and switching amplifier technology. It is small in size and light in weight and weighs only 11.6 kg.

6, modular design, all plug-ins are completely independent, you only need to replace the plug-in to achieve hardware maintenance and upgrade.

7, random configuration, such as configured as 6-phase current, 5-phase voltage + 2 phase current.

8, the user can calibrate the accuracy of the tester through software

9. The fault recording data in Comtrade format can be played back.

10. Designed with power factor correction circuit according to international standards, the device efficiency is up to 95%.

11. When the power supply voltage drops to 120V, the device is still working normally.

12. The power amplifier adopts hardware protection to ensure the reliability of the device.

Third, the abnormal phenomenon and treatment of relay protection test equipment

1. The alarm between the current phase jacks is on, and there is an alarm sound: The phase current is open or the load exceeds the actual output range. Check the wiring and load and try again.

2. The power amplifier power supply or the output voltage immediately jumps off the power amplifier, the power indicator light flashes red and there is an alarm sound: The power amplifier button is turned on to check whether the voltage loop is short-circuited or severely overloaded.

3. During the test, jump off the power supply of the power amplifier: First, the software stops the operation output, then the power amplifier button is activated, the self-protection signal should be reset, and the power indicator light is sent.

Green light and stop the alarm sound. Press the amplifier button again and continue the test. If the panel power amplifier button is bounced, the self-protection signal cannot be reset, or the self-protection action is performed again after pressing the button again. It should be considered whether a large current is output for a long time.

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