Fortunately, I met you! China's first dual-powered head multi-function drilling rig

“In 2011, I fortunately met Shanhe Intelligence! I met the first powerful multi-functional drilling rig SWSD2512 independently developed by Shanhe Intelligent!” Talking about the “engagement” with Shanhe Intelligent, after ten years, Heilongjiang Middle Age Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. Company Qiu is still very emotional.

A powerful multi-functional drilling rig independently developed by Shanhe Intelligent

That year, Qiu took over a project and needed to use the bite pile construction method, but the environmental protection requirements were very high. At that time, Qiu tried several brands of equipment and could not meet the construction requirements. Just as he was unable to do anything, Shanhe Intelligence entered his scope of investigation. The equipment that Qiu investigated was the first dual-powered powerful multi-function drilling rig SWSD2512 independently developed by Shanhe Intelligent. This is also the first dual-powered powerful multi-purpose drilling rig in China. Faced with the harsh construction environment and high standards of environmental protection, the performance of the equipment is unexpectedly good, not only has good stability and high efficiency, but also completely overcomes the pollution caused by mud, in the construction of the bite pile The middle is even more outstanding, and finally completed the project perfectly.

Shanhe intelligent powerful multi-function drilling rig

“The more environmentally-friendly places, the more stringent the construction requirements are!” Qiu said, “At present, several of my mountain and river smart devices are in Shanghai, and they have performed well.” Let Qiu’s pride is that his several Shanhe intelligent equipment, also followed him to Russia, "Russia has high requirements for construction, environmental protection requirements are also high, but the Shanhe intelligent rotary drilling rig never let me down."

Shanhe intelligent powerful multi-function drilling rig

It is understood that Shanhe Intelligent Innovation R & D SWSD series dual-power powerful multi-function drilling rig, equipped with casing auger and down-the-hole hammer and other combination drilling tools, can carry out multi-functional, multi-purpose construction, especially to overcome the serious pollution of the mud to the environment. , to fill the domestic technical gap. Qiu said with confidence, "If you have the right project, you can recover the cost in a short time with its stable and efficient performance."

Shanhe intelligent powerful multi-function drilling rig

Counting down, Qiu’s dual-power powerful multi-function drilling rig has been in service for nearly ten years. It is not only stable and less faulty, but also has quick punching, flexible movement and high efficiency. Next, the device will travel to Ningxia to unlock its latest "task." "Now the construction design of the subway requires the use of bite piles, choose Shanhe smart equipment, not afraid of not working!" Qiu said optimistically. (This article comes from Shanhe Intelligent)

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