Security technology is deeply applied in the field of intelligent transportation

With the rapid growth of urban population and the escalation of traffic congestion, residents' demands for all aspects of production and life are constantly improving. How to implement intelligent transportation management for cities has become one of the important issues that managers must solve. In order to allow the citizens to enjoy faster and more timely services, to make the traffic control department's work process simpler, more efficient and more efficient, and to facilitate the handling of traffic-related incidents, the city's efforts to build smart transportation are constantly under the encouragement of management needs and national policies. accelerate.
As an important part of the smart transportation field, urban road monitoring is also the main application aspect of security monitoring. With the rapid development of computer technology, communication technology and information technology, the scope of security monitoring is increasing, and it is mutually infiltrated with many new technology-intensive areas such as IT and ITS.
Traffic monitoring is an important part of the intelligent traffic information collection system. It is essential to enhance security and traffic management. Specifically, the main functions are:
1. Command and dispatch Once the traffic congestion or accident occurs, the command center can quickly retrieve the on-site information through the video surveillance system, and promptly launch rescue or take corresponding measures. Therefore, video surveillance can be a powerful assistant for relevant departments to respond quickly when dealing with emergencies.
2. Civilized traffic supervision through the video surveillance system, monitoring the driving conditions of road vehicles at any time, found violations, can take photos for evidence, increase penalties, can effectively control violations. Video surveillance has a good civilized driving supervision and deterrent effect.
3. License plate recognition and fatigue driving recognition Through the video surveillance system, vehicle license information is captured for illegal vehicles and illegal vehicles, and facial information is captured for the driver.
4. Traffic monitoring to monitor changes in road traffic flow, the command center can quickly respond to disperse vehicles and reduce congestion. The application of video surveillance can effectively and quickly monitor the traffic flow of roads in cities, facilitate the rapid deployment of command centers, and provide a large amount of effective information for urban traffic network optimization.
At present, the most mature applications of video surveillance products in the field of intelligent transportation are: video surveillance systems for major urban roads and intersections, and highway video surveillance systems for cities and cities. Among them, the urban road monitoring system includes a city security bayonet system that assists the public security organs in detecting cases and preventing vehicles and personnel from fleeing; the electronic police system for capturing illegal vehicles, the core of these systems lies in intelligent visual analysis technology.
Highway monitoring system is generally divided into two parts: charging monitoring and road monitoring. The toll monitoring system is mainly for the charging of the toll booths, toll plazas and toll booths, to observe and record the types of vehicles passing through the toll lanes, the operation process of the toll collectors, and the emergencies and illegal incidents in the charging process. Effective supervision. The road monitoring system mainly monitors the key sections of expressways such as expressways, interchanges, tunnels, etc., grasps the traffic conditions of expressways, timely discovers traffic jams and illegal vehicles, and promptly guides them to ensure the safety and smoothness of expressways.
The electronic police system is currently a system used by the intelligent traffic management department. This type of system is different from traditional security video surveillance, mainly using a camera or camera, and the trigger controller is combined with a video recognition system. When the driver has violations such as speeding, red light, retrograde, etc., the electronic police can capture the illegal image of the vehicle and transmit it to the traffic monitoring center to provide law enforcement basis for the traffic police.
The traffic information statistical system can collect and collect the road condition information in a large range in a timely and accurate manner. The information includes road occupancy rate, traffic density, fleet length, circulation, average speed, etc., which can provide powerful theory for road guidance. According to the fact, it can cooperate with the media such as broadcasting to realize the traffic guidance function.
The security bayonet system is also known as the road vehicle intelligent monitoring and recording system. A complete security bayonet management system should have three main functions: automatic license plate recognition, bayonet application system and central network management. License plate recognition is an important part of it. Only the bayonet system that achieves the fast and practical identification technical indicators can effectively realize the automatic comparison alarm and avoid a large number of false positives. At the same time, the recognition speed is fast, the system needs to occupy less system resources, the possibility of manual intervention is small, and the operating load of the system network is correspondingly reduced. The quality of the license plate recognition directly affects the overall performance of the bayonet system.
As the core technology of smart transportation industry development, intelligent video analysis technology has been widely used in the smart transportation industry. The development of technology is changing with each passing day. From the current application of video analysis in smart transportation, it is mainly for identifying intelligent video analysis technology. Applications. The intelligent video analysis of recognition is biased towards the analysis and processing of static scenes. Through the core technologies of image recognition, image comparison and pattern matching, the extraction and analysis of related features of people, vehicles and objects are realized. Face (portrait) recognition analysis technology is an emerging technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. Feature face and face key feature location extraction and 2D (or 3D) shape detection are several key technologies. In the intelligent traffic analysis based on intelligent video analysis, the fatigue detection technology, through the analysis of human eyes, facial features, combined with vehicle driving speed and other elements, to achieve local sound and light reminders for drivers who may be in fatigue, so that the driver Always in a good state of mind to prevent unsafe accidents. Through intelligent video analysis technology, ordinary video capture devices will become smart IoT sensors, which can sense many key information. In the intelligent transportation system, through the reuse of key information such as passenger flow statistics, illegal license plate photos, driver fatigue status, etc., it provides a very good application for traffic dispatch, traffic planning, traffic behavior management and traffic safety prevention in smart traffic. .
Nowadays, security technology has been fully integrated into the intelligent transportation and the actual public security operations. It is precisely because of this that Tianjin Pu's letter is based on security technology, guided by public security information, and aims to serve as a multi-police police, as always, research and development, promotion and popularization. Various types of information platforms and equipment required for public security combat.
As the market potential of China's smart transportation is continuously tapped, the demand for smart transportation equipment for security products will continue to grow with the continuous development of smart transportation.
The application of security technology in the construction of “smart transportation” has been in existence for more than ten years. It can be said that it has already stepped out of the stage of “seeing the flowers in the fog and exploring the progress”. From "digital transportation" to "safe transportation" to today's "smart transportation", the "smart transportation" with the theme of "green, smart and safe" is in full swing, and it is rapidly spreading everywhere in China. Security technology plays a vital role in helping governments at all levels improve public transportation networks, manage outstanding traffic congestion and other issues, and improve people's transportation environment.
Author: Li Xin

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