Thermal magnetic stirrer maintenance and maintenance

The magnetic stirrer is a kind of instrument product which is suitable for stirring the material in the solid-liquid mixture with a low viscosity or the physical magnetic force working in the liquid. In the daily time, the magnetic stirrer is damaged during the test. We need to calmly deal with, and can not be anxious, after some treatment methods and exclusion methods can determine the cause of the malfunction, so in the daily use of magnetic stirrer also must pay attention to some of the magnetic stirrer maintenance, as much as possible to extend the device Life expectancy.

1 , it is best not to let the instrument work without heated liquid.

2. Before the operation of the machine, it is necessary to check whether it is grounded, and ensure that the work can be performed only after completion.

3 , In order to ensure that the instrument is not damaged, usually there is insulating material inside the instrument. Therefore, when we first use the magnetic stirrer, we will find a little white smoke or a pungent taste. These are normal phenomena, not Product quality issues, keep the ventilation on it.

4 , the magnetic stirrer internal devices have an upper limit of heat, so be sure to take into account when heating, the best way is to ensure that the machine will not only heat, and remember to change the state of the motor into a rotating state, so that Maximize the magnetic stirrer.

5 , after the completion of the heating work, we must remember to turn off the heat first, wait a few minutes after almost the temperature has dispersed and then turn off the stirring.

6 , to ensure that the operating environment is dry, because in a humid environment, the instrument easily lead to leakage and other phenomena, which is why we must ensure that the instrument grounding, if the instrument is very wet, must use hot air to dry.

7 , must be careful during the operation, do not be burned, because the general temperature is relatively high.

8. For safety reasons, there is a fuse on the back of the instrument. When the device is still working after power on, it can be checked whether it needs to be replaced.

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