The use of fat smoke point meter to determine the three major advantages of fat smoke?

Because the ingredients and substances contained in edible oils and fats are different, their smoke points are also different. There are differences in different types of cooking fumes, the same degree of oil refining is different, smoke points will also be different, the same kind of fat Different methods and time of storage, smoke points are also different, so through the determination of fat smoke points can guide the processing and storage of oil, and the method of measuring the fat smoke point is mainly the oil smoke point instrument and visual method.

Fat smoke detector

The visual method is an earlier method of determination, that is, the temperature of the first indigo smoke is observed during the heating of the oil by the viewer's naked eye. Since the visual method is performed artificially, it is likely to be relatively large. Subjective biases, such as different detectors may have different understandings and sensitivities to the first indigo blue smoke, and after reading the blue smoke, reading the temperature of the thermometer again, there will be problems such as reading lags, so in fact, The result of visually measuring fat smoke point is often an error, and sometimes the error is still very large. Therefore, in order to accurately reflect the quality of the oil, a more accurate fat smoke point measurement method is needed. The emergence of the instrument just compensates for the lack of manual observation.
There are two very significant advantages of using a smoke detector with a cigarette smoke point meter. The first is that it uses machine vision to measure, which can overcome the defects in the process of visual inspection, so that the measured data is closer to the truth. The value can meet the requirements of precise measurement. The second is that the use of the grease smoke point instrument can improve the efficiency of the determination of the smoke point, and can effectively save the time for the detection of the oil quality. At the same time, it also expands the range of detection of the smoke point; Third, the structure of the oil smoke detector is simple, easy to use, the result display is also more intuitive, the price is relatively cheap, and the applicability is very wide, so in the quality supervision, import and export inspection, oil processing, oil storage and transportation, food processing, scientific research, The department of agricultural breeding, school, etc. that needs to determine the smoke point of vegetable fat can use the oil smoke point instrument to carry out the fast and accurate measurement of the fat smoke point.

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