Radar Level Meter Common Faults and Treatments

Radar Level Meter Common Faults and Treatments

1, the probe knots and frequent troubleshooting methods: The first method is to increase the installation position of the probe, but sometimes the installation conditions are limited, can not be increased, it should be used to measure the value of the material level and the tank pump interlocking The solution to this problem is to reduce the maximum material level setting by about 0.5m. When the material level reaches this maximum value, either the feed pump or the discharge pump can be stopped.
2, flooded the corresponding treatment method: The solution to this problem is to change the radar level gauge to waveguide type measurement. The waveguide-type radar level gauge is still installed at the original opening, and the waveguide is higher than the exhaust pipe by about 0.2m. In this way, even if a bad working condition that the slurry overflows from the exhaust pipe occurs, the material will not be used. The meter antenna is submerged by the slurry, and the stirrer eddy currents are prevented from interference and a large amount of steam emerges from the probe, which reduces the damage to the probe. At the same time, due to the good focusing effect of the waveguide, the received radar wave signal is stronger. A good measurement effect. The use of waveguide tube measurement method can improve the metering measurement conditions, improve the instrument measurement performance, has a high value of promotion and application.
3. Regarding the effect of foam on the measurement: Dry foam and wet foam can reflect radar waves back and have no effect on measurement. Neutral foam absorbs and diffuses radar waves, which seriously affects echo reflection and even no echo. When the surface of the medium is thick and thick, the measurement error is large or cannot be measured. Under this working condition, the radar level gauge has no advantage, which is the limitation of its application.
4. Handling of antenna crust: The hanging material with a small dielectric constant has no effect on the measurement in the dry state, and the hanging material with a high dielectric constant has an influence on the measurement. It can be purged with compressed air (or clean water), and the cooled compressed air can reduce the temperature of the flange and electrical components. An alkaline cleaning solution can also be used to clean alkaline soils, but no material level measurement can be performed during cleaning.

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