Internet of Things technology into Ireland as a hot spot

Ireland is an island nation and its area is not large in Indiana. In recent years, however, Ireland has been playing an active role in advancing the global IoT application. The innovative development of IoT technology has also become an important strategic area for attracting investment in Ireland.

In the development of Internet of Things, people have gradually advanced from the data collection stage to the practical application stage. In recent years, Ireland is accelerating its cooperation with large technology companies and start-up technology companies to create innovations that create entirely new applications with public data. These new applications extend depth perception into common objects, transfer data to the right spot, and gather analytics data to help make decisions. The IoT's "perceptions" are getting stronger and stronger with the help of various data collection to help improve people's ability to observe, assess and make decisions.

For example, Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is planning to make the city a smart city and actively engage the world's largest technology companies. In Dublin, IBM and the Dublin City Council are jointly implementing a smart city technology initiative that addresses complex issues such as transportation, urban water and other issues through analysis, optimization and management systems. Intel has developed a vision chip called Quark that is ready for use in the future development of the Internet of Things. With only a million people in Dublin, implementing smart plans in such relatively small cities makes it easier to develop the appropriate software and hardware and to better test and make adjustments to the level and quality of these software services. Dublin also hopes to capitalize on the high concentration of its Internet information and high-tech industries to help implement smart city plans.

Leigh Clancy, head of technology, consumer and business services at Ireland's Investment and Development Agency Ireland, a government agency in Ireland that attracts foreign investment, says similar projects and programs are available in many Chinese cities if Chinese companies are interested in promoting intelligence to Ireland or Europe Urban products and services, Dublin will be an ideal place.

The Irish government has now provided policy support to a number of high-tech industries and research institutes in Ireland, particularly in the area of ​​taxation. Ireland's corporate tax level is 12.5%, already low in Europe, and taxes on intellectual property and patent revenues obtained here will be lower. Last year the Irish government introduced a program called "Supporting Development Boxes." When a company produces intellectual property or patents while doing R & D-related work in Ireland, the future income generated through this intellectual property or patent-related business operation , Only need to pay 6.25% income tax. Moreover, 25% of the costs incurred in conducting R & D work in Ireland can be used to offset the corporate income tax directly; if a company conducts business research cooperation with an Irish University research and development institute, the costs incurred in cooperation may be 50% Deducted from income tax. In the meantime, IRB provides direct financial support for start-ups in varying amounts.

Ireland has also capitalized on the advantages of being a member of the EU in actively attracting global investment into the development of the Internet of Things. Ireland's science and technology strategy is based on the EU's Open Data Strategy, which calls for innovative enterprises to provide access to public data sets, to provide support and encouragement to technology entrepreneurs, from information support, network systems, government grants to world-class R & D centers, etc. . In addition, the EU has a support program called "Horizon 2020" for the R & D activities of companies operating in Europe. Companies that conduct research in Ireland can also enjoy the financial support provided by the EU in addition to these tax conveniences provided by the Irish government .

After the referendum on "Brexit" was held in Britain by the end of June, relations with the European Union (EU), such as trade and investment, will be re-established. Many companies will delay their investment decisions because of the enormous uncertainty they have. Clancy said Ireland has a more special and intimate relationship with the United Kingdom than any other EU country and is also one of the EU member states. As a result of the continuing uncertainty over the impact of Brexit in the United Kingdom, Ireland is a Alternative solutions can give businesses a relatively stable choice.

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