The main reason for the sealing strip off? What are those?

1, the workpiece surface is oil, dust and other pollutants affect strip attached.

2, stainless steel materials, fluoride powder surface coating or plastics such as PP, PE etc.
3, poor quality of glue, bubble hole uneven, and workpiece interface of the bubble hole.
4, glue the assembly of cabinet put oneself in another's position is in front of the strip is not completely curing.

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Concrete Pile & Pole Production Auxiliary Machine is for Concrete Spun Pile factory or concrete electric pole(SPC pole) factory to reduce labor cost and improve the production effeicency, the auxiliary machines including Auto-Gripper under overhead crane, Over-Head Crane, Concrete Mixer, Concrete feeding machine, Steam curing temprature control device, Curing tank atmolysis bag, Air compressor, Air wrench etc.


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Concrete Pile & Pole Production Auxiliary Machine

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