Moldova laser customer falls in love with S&A chiller at first sight

S&A chiller was shown on the CIFM exhibition along with customer laser. A Moldova fell in love with S&A chiller at first sight. The customer intend s to buy S&A chiller to cool 2 units of 90W laser tubes, S&A recommend chiller model CW-5300 of 1800W cooling capacity. S&A chillers have multiple power specifications and pass CE approval, RoHS approval and REACH approval.

Since January 2016, the warranty period of S&A chiller has extended to 2 years.
Thanks for the trust and support from the customer.
CW-5300 technical parameter:http://Products/ChillerCW53001800Wco.html




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By-pass assembly has two positions; by-pass and close. It is in by-pass position during trip operation, and circulates mud fluid in the drill string into the annular space by-passing the idle motor, so that no mud may spray out onto the platform during the trip operation. When mud flow rate and pressure reach the setting value, the valve stem moves down and closes the valve. Meanwhile, mud stream flows through the motor, and converts the pressure energy into mechanical energy. As mud flow rate is too low, or mud pump stops, and as the pressure produced is not enough to overcome the spring force and the static friction force, the spring presses the stem upward, and by-pass is in open position. In general, the cross-over subs are used in deep well, large angle well, horizontal well or when hollow rotor is selected.

By-pass Assembly And Parts

By-Pass Assembly And Parts

By-Pass Assembly And Parts,By-Pass Valve Assembly,Automatic Bypass Valve,Pressure Bypass Valve

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