In addition to egg yolks, eating it will also be detected drunk driving!

Nowadays, many places in the country have already started the “barbecue” mode, which corresponds to the “two-day college entrance examination” mode. The hot weather is matched with iced fruits. However, Xiao Bian said today. The fruit and the egg pie were the same as the pit driver. Many people have heard that eating egg yolks will be mistakenly checked for drunk driving, and eating lychees will be detected as drunk driving! Is this true or false?


The taste of litchi is very familiar to everyone. The sweet taste makes people completely unable to stop. The reason why litchi is sweet is because it contains high sugar. Lychee meat is surrounded by shells and sugar will produce alcohol after anaerobic respiration. Carbon dioxide, when litchi is removed from the tree, photosynthesis reduces internal oxygen in the litchi cells, increases the rate of anaerobic respiration, and accelerates the production of ethanol. During the consumption of lychee, the enzymes in the oral cavity Lychee will break down sugar, break down alcohol, and ferment in the mouth. If you drive immediately after eating litchi, you may be detected as drunk driving or drunk driving. In this case, you can tell the traffic police about the situation. After a few minutes, test the alcohol content again. If it is determined that you are not drinking and driving, No penalty will be imposed.

However, if you really drink alcohol, you don't want to drive. This is not safe. Xiaobian still reminds you not to drink and drive!

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