Yang Chuantang visited Qinhuangdao port to investigate the transportation guarantee of coal and other materials

Yang Chuantang visited Qinhuangdao port to investigate the transportation guarantee of coal and other materials On November 6, Yang Chuantang, Minister of Transport, visited the port of Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province to investigate the transportation guarantee of coal and other key materials and safe production of ports. Yang Chuantang emphasized that in order to create a favorable environment for the victory of the 18th CPC National Congress, we must do our utmost to do a good job in the transport work in the winter, next spring and spring, ensure the transportation of key materials on the water, do a good job in traffic safety, and provide effective transportation for stable and rapid economic and social development. Protection.

Accompanied by Zhang Jiehui, deputy governor of Hebei Province, and Zhu Haowen, mayor of Qinhuangdao City, Yang Chuantang went deep into the Qinhuangdao Port Six Company's roll-over machine room, coal fifth-phase terminal, dispatching command center, etc. to observe the port production situation, and cordially visited the dock stevedores. He held discussions with Gao Jinhao, Director of the Hebei Provincial Department of Transportation, and Xing Luzhen, Chairman of the Hebei Port Group.

Yang Chuantang pointed out that under the leadership of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, Qinhuangdao Port and other Hebei ports have strengthened organizational leadership, scientifically dispatched and commanded, and overcome various difficulties, and the majority of cadres and workers have stood by their posts and bravely shouldered heavy burdens, facing summer peaks and resisting the south. During special periods such as rain, snow and ice disasters, and typhoon flood seasons, the safe and efficient operation of coal transportation and port operations has made important contributions to the stable and rapid economic development of China. Yang Chuantang expressed the gratitude to the Hebei provincial party committee, the provincial government, and the Hebei transportation department on behalf of the party group and expressed sincere condolences to the majority of cadres and workers of the Hebei Port Group, and stated that the Ministry of Transport will continue to support the development of Hebei transportation and support the Qinhuangdao port, including the port of Qinhuangdao. The development of the Hebei port.

Yang Chuantang emphasized that the 18th CPC National Congress will be held soon. The transportation system must conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, firmly grasp the important strategic opportunity for the development of transportation, persist in steady progress, adhere to steady growth, adjust the structure, and ensure To ensure safety, promote stability, comprehensively improve transportation service support capabilities, and resolutely maintain the continuous and stable improvement of the traffic safety production situation, continuously promote the scientific development and safe development of transportation, and provide strong transportation guarantees for economic and social development.

Yang Chuantang pointed out that the north coal and south transport are important measures for the rational and effective allocation of energy throughout the country, ensuring the smooth flow of coal water transportation, and the protection of people's livelihood, and the relationship between stability and the overall situation. Qinhuangdao Port is the largest port for shipment and shipment of coal in China, and is responsible for the heavy responsibility of China's northern coal and south transportation. It has long been making positive contributions to coal supply in East China and South China. It is necessary to conscientiously sum up valuable experience in exploring and accumulating coal transportation in these years and continue to play a leading role in the main coal hub port.

Yang Chuantang requested that every effort be made to coordinate and coordinate efforts to further improve the coordination mechanism for coordination of ports, railways, maritime affairs, and pilotage, strengthen the communication of coal transportation information and coal links, strengthen management, and make every effort to ensure the transportation of coal and other key materials; Perseverely and persistently pay close attention to safe production, take more effective and effective measures, further strengthen organizational guarantees, implementation of responsibilities, and measure guarantees, and firmly hold on to the red line of safe production; strengthen economic conditions and judgements, and actively take response measures; port and maritime administrations It is necessary to enhance service awareness, establish and improve contingency plans, strengthen the reserve of emergency capabilities, and ensure the safety of ship transportation.

It is understood that due to multiple factors at home and abroad, the domestic coal demand has slowed down. This summer, the port of Hebei Province once suffered from coal pressure. All levels of port management agencies and port companies in Hebei Province have taken effective measures. As of October, the province's port coal farms have been restored to normal levels.

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