How digital instrumentation companies can overcome difficulties

How digital instrumentation companies can overcome difficulties The competition in China's instrumentation market is becoming more and more fierce. Digital instrumentation manufacturers can only take market share and become a major concern for manufacturers. New product R&D has also become one of the effective ways for companies to occupy the market, but not all innovations and R&D can achieve the desired results. User feedback, market environment, promotion and other factors have greatly affected the actual effect of new product R&D for the company.

New products developed by Chinese companies are often trapped in a strange circle. That is blindly following the trend, it is difficult for users to accept in a short period of time, but not enough strength in the international market to take advantage. This is mainly due to the fact that Chinese companies are not so calm in their innovations, do not conduct sufficient pre-market research, are blindly following the trend, lack brand promotion, and lack corresponding standards.

Therefore, the development of instrumentation companies also involves an important issue, that is, standardization, and improve the standardization of the industry. Enterprise standardization not only enhances enterprise management, but also enhances the competitiveness of its products and occupies the market. Of course, this has a certain relationship with the general environment where the entire industry standardization work is not perfect. Some standards have a low level of technology, some of them have degraded standards, and it is difficult to adapt to new materials, technologies, products, etc. due to the long period of standards revision.

In order for instrumentation companies to break through this dilemma, they should follow the trend of the market, meet the market's western regions, and improve their production and operation management and product quality. Specifically, instrument and meter companies should cooperate with government procurement to ensure the quality of teaching equipment and encourage enterprises to participate in product and quality management system certification. Only in such a context, vigorously promoting enterprise innovation can adapt to the market, serve customers, enhance competitiveness, and promote the development of the industry.

Concrete Pile Spinning/Centrifugal Machine:

Concrete Pile Spinning/Centrifugal Machine is mainly apply to produce High strength centrifugal technology concrete spun piles of difference diameter and length, Prestressed Reinforced concrete pole(SPC pole) by spinning formed. According to customer's effeciency request, there are Single wheel spinning machine and Double wheel spinning machine at customer's option, it is equipped with a stepless speed-variation motor and a control panel, it works smoothly and its speeder is of wide-range. Its box base is sturdy and durable and easy for installation.

Our Pile Spinning Machine's Advantages:

1. Unique "slot" design, change the screw limit between the bearing support and the base plate with the card slot and bolt limit. Both up and down sides of the spinning machine panel, undersurface and two sides of bearing support go through fine machining. Though the process is complex, it makes it more solid during high-frequency vibration of bearing support and the floor. Repair and replacement also have interchangeability.

Spinning machine for concrete pile

2. Connection shaft is whole shaft, to avoid stress concentration brought by shaft diameter changes, resulting in the phenomenon of "shaft-broken".

Spinning machine for electric pole

3. The limit side of the support wheel is removable. It is convenient for users to replace.

Centrigual machine for Concrete spun pile

4. Frequency-conversion cabinet of spinning machine records process parameter of each pipe and output reports, provides the office computer data communication interface.

Spinng machine automatic controller


Spinning Machine Technical Parameter:

Wheel Distance(mm)


Central wheel Distance(mm)


Wheel Diameteri(mm)


Axle Diameter(mm)


Automatic controller for centrifugal concrete pile machine



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Concrete Pile Spinning Machine

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