Tianjin Established Petrochemical Association

With the successive implementation of Tianjin Petrochemical's 10 million tons of oil refining and Tianjin Petrochemical's one million tons of ethylene, the petrochemical industry has become the third most advantageous industry in Tianjin. On December 8, the Tianjin Petrochemical Association was formally established.

In order to help Tianjin's petrochemical companies actively respond to the current international financial crisis and increase the petrochemical industry's contribution to the Tianjin economy, on the morning of December 8, the Tianjin Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association was established and Wang Baodi, chairman of Tianjin Bohai Chemical Industry Group, was elected as the president.

It is understood that 18 executive members of the Tianjin Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association. A total of 101 member units, operating income of 105.3 billion yuan, employing 120,000 people. The establishment of Tianjin Petrochemical and Chemical Industry Association will promote the structural adjustment of Tianjin's traditional petrochemical industry and increase the competitiveness of Tianjin's petrochemical industry.

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Silicone Cup Lid

Silicone Cup Lids

Silicone Coffee Cup Lids,Silicone Sippy Cup Lids,Custom Silicone Cup Lids,Silicone Cup Lid,Cup Lid Silicone,Coffee Cup Lid Silicone

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