The effect of soil moisture on tea growth

The effect of soil moisture on tea growth
Water is the source of life. The growth of all plants depends on water. Most of the water absorbed by plants comes from soil moisture. In addition, soil moisture also affects the absorption of soil nutrients. Therefore, timely and efficient measurement of soil moisture is very important for modern agriculture. In order to meet the demand, in recent years, there have been continuous availability of instruments for measuring soil moisture, such as the wireless public opinion monitoring system. Its greatest feature is its ability to achieve wireless data transmission, and a soil moisture analyzer that is used to measure soil moisture. Interval time can also be set to track and measure; the wireless public opinion and drought management system is dedicated to the management of public opinion and drought conditions, can make timely determination of the public opinion and drought conditions, and give guidance programs.
Through long-term trials and data tracking using the Wireless Public Opinion and Drought Management System, it was found that when the soil moisture and air relative humidity of the tea plantation were 80% to 90% during the growing season of tea plants, the growth rate and growth of the tea tree were the best, and the plants grew vigorously. The growth of buds is large, the tenderness is strong, the quality of tea is excellent, and the yield is high; when it drops below 80%, the tea tree grows and develops normally; when it drops below 70%, the growth and development indexes obviously drop, and the fertility is blocked. , The quality of tea is declining; when it drops below 60%, the evaporation of soil and the transpiration of tea tree are significantly enhanced, and the new shoots of tea trees are harmed to varying degrees. The buds do not easily grow, the leaf shape becomes smaller, and the internodes become shorter. The number of clips increased or even stopped; when it fell to 50% to 40%, the growth of the tea tree was extremely slow, and the shoots withered and part of the leaves became coking. When it fell below 30%, the growth of the tea tree completely stopped. The buds will permanently wither and dry until the whole plant dies.
When the soil moisture drops below 70%, we can feel that there is no dew on the leaves, the leaves are dull, and the leaves are rustling. At this time, we can use the wireless moisture and drought management system to verify that we can find that the water has indeed reached At 70% of the time, irrigation treatment is required. In the process of planting, individuals are advised to use the tangerine bar, etc., between the tea trees to increase soil moisture, and at the same time, to properly change the environment for planting.

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