LED ceiling lamps companies are often the killer?

From outdoor lighting to indoor lighting, from commercial lighting to office lighting to home lighting, the development of LED lighting is fast and staggering. At this stage, the LED ceiling lamp has overtaken the curve, becoming the most demanding product in the LED home lighting market. So, how effective is the performance of LED ceiling lamps in the terminal market? In order to seize more market share, what are the killers? Let us walk in together.
Development Opportunities LED Home Lighting Development Unstoppable According to the relevant department's "2011-2015 China Semiconductor Lighting (LED) Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report", the overall home lighting company has passed innovative technology, research and development of new products, and adjustment strategies in the past two years. Ways such as layout channels, actively seeking breakthroughs, the prospects are very promising. Especially after LED cutting into the field of indoor lighting, the market potential of LED home lighting has been deeply stimulated.
With the implementation of the global incandescent lamp ban policy in 2012-2014, the incandescent lamp market has gradually shrunk, which also gives LED products a good opportunity to show their talents. Therefore, some insiders predict that after two years, LED home lighting will enter people's daily life with an outbreak. Relevant data show that in 2012, more than 75 traditional lighting companies have begun to get involved in the production of LED lighting products. In 2013, this proportion continued to climb. In the proportion of continued rise, the market for LED home lighting has also developed.
First, the number of companies that have transformed traditional home lighting into LED home lighting is increasing. Take Zhongshan Guzhen Enterprise as an example, Bright A, Nature, DTL, Haohao, Mingpai, Shanghai Luyuan, Marantz, etc. These are the enterprises that have been transformed from the traditional home lighting field to the LED home lighting field in the past two years, and Many companies have achieved good market performance after the transition.
Second, emerging LED lighting companies are constantly pouring into the LED home lighting market. Such as Hongyan lighting, billion light LED lighting. According to Fang Ke, manager of Hongyan Lighting Marketing Department, in 2010, Hongyan Lighting entered the LED home lighting market, and with the experience of several years of smart home control system, quickly launched the overall smart lighting solution.
Third, the proportion of LED home lighting products continues to rise. Luo Quanxing, executive vice president of Shanghai Luyuan, told reporters that due to the rapid growth of market demand, this year, Shanghai Luyuan LED home lighting products and traditional home lighting products accounted for 7:3, and the proportion of LED home products will rise.
In the next two years, the development of LED home lighting will be unstoppable, which is the consensus reached by many manufacturers. Before this great situation comes, companies are constantly looking for new opportunities to achieve breakthroughs.
The corporate action seeks to break through the market and the cake is big, everyone is blind. The market demand for LED ceiling lamps is getting bigger and bigger, more and more companies are entering the market, and competition is becoming more and more fierce. Therefore, seeking breakthroughs and rushing to the market has become a reality that all lighting companies have to face. For a time, R&D products, layout channels, and cost control companies continue to move.
In the product, increase research and development efforts, and enrich product styles. In 2013, the company's health LED lighting products launched five new LED ceiling lamps, Qianyue, Lanlan, Tianhong, Ziwei and Qinghuang. In 2014, Foshan Lighting will continuously optimize the design of LED ceiling lamps, enriching the style and products. The design style is more diversified, covering modern, simple European, ethnic, pastoral and other design elements; Hongyan Lighting established Lanze Industrial Design Co., Ltd. to provide industrial design solutions for LED ceiling lamps; the main color lighting ceiling lamp will be 2014 As the market development year, at least 175 new products will be introduced to the market.
Layout channels to strengthen the promotion of terminal products. Otell Lighting has increased the layout of domestic channels and product promotion efforts, and established a composite flagship store and compound store in the terminal market. It will also hold several exciting promotional activities; Shanghai Luyuan will launch the Wanzhen Wandian event. Enhance the channel's ability to resist risks and increase brand awareness.
Control costs and improve product cost performance. This year, Yiguang LED Lighting has adopted the professional LED chip plus lamp integrated architecture scheme to realize the cost control of LED ceiling lamps. At the same time, Yiguang LED lighting adopts intelligent control for LED ceiling lamps, and sets various modes for lighting. The color temperature and brightness are adjusted according to the needs of consumers.
All along, LEDs and energy-saving lamps share the market space after the delisting of incandescent lamps. After the delisting of incandescent lamps, the sales of LED lighting lamps have increased significantly. This year, the price of LED ceiling lamps has dropped, sales have increased, but the competition is very fierce, the market capacity is so large, companies can only find breakthroughs in order to gain profits in the fierce market competition.
The market penetration of the market penetration is so fast that the majority of manufacturers are puzzled that LED home lighting is not yet hot at this stage, and the sales of LED ceiling lamps in the terminal market are very hot. It is widely used to replace traditional ceiling lamps, and its sales share is also high in LED home lighting products, and it has risen in a straight line, and has even become a fist product for many companies to seize market share.
For example, in 2013, the sales of LED ceiling lamps accounted for 5.6 of the sales of Guoxing photoelectric lighting products, an increase of 33.3 compared with last year, and the growth momentum was strong. It is one of the top three categories of Guoxing photoelectric products growth; Hongyan LED ceiling lamps Product sales accounted for about 10% of the total sales of LED products; as the top ten indoor lighting products of Auman, the sales volume of LED ceiling lamps in foreign markets has been increasing, increasing by 30 over the previous year; Zhongshan Chimeiao (Bai Nian) Sales of LED ceiling lamps accounted for 70% of total LED products sales, an increase of 60% over the same period of last year; sales of Shanghai Luyuan LED ceiling lamps increased by 30% compared with the same period of last year; sales of Otlan LED ceiling lamps accounted for total sales of LED products. The growth momentum of 15 LED ceiling lamps is strong, and there is no doubt about it; its market development prospects are good, no doubt. Fangke, manager of Hongyan Lighting Marketing Department, said that the market for traditional lighting ceiling lamps is gradually being infiltrated by LED ceiling lamps, and the proportion of end consumers accepting LED products is also rising. According to the current market replacement speed, it is expected that in 2015, LED The market penetration rate of ceiling lamps will reach 50 or more. Tian Bo, director of operation of Yiguang Lighting Products, also said that at this stage, the LED ceiling lamp market is in the stage of rapidly replacing traditional ceiling lamps, and the market demand is developing in a blowout manner.
Industry veterans analyzed the reasons for the rapid penetration of the LED ceiling lamp market:
First, with the continuous maturity of LED application technology, the quality of LED ceiling lamps has gradually stabilized and costs have continued to decline. LED ceiling lamps are swallowing the market share of traditional ceiling lamps at the rate of encroachment. According to Yuan Guanfeng, general manager of Gulang Lighting, Guzheng, this year, the price of LED ceiling lamps has dropped by nearly 60. The price of lamp beads on the market is more than 8 yuan per watt in mid-to-high-end, and about 5 yuan per watt in mid-range. Most of them are less than 3 yuan per watt.
Second, the price of LED ceiling lamps is getting closer to the people, and the market resistance is decreasing. Taking 12W LED ceiling lamps as an example, the market price of Guoxing Optoelectronics is 120 yuan per piece, which is about 18 compared with the same period of last year; Shanghai Luyuan is 50 yuan per piece, which is 35 compared with the same period of last year; Shenzhen The market price of Huayuan Lighting is 120 yuan/piece, which is 20% lower than that of the same period of last year. Although the price of LED ceiling lamps has been far different from the price of traditional ceiling lamps, the gap has narrowed significantly. In particular, the price of low-end LED ceiling lamps has dropped significantly. This is a reduction in marketing resistance for LED ceiling lamps destined to enter the civilian market.
Third, the end consumer's awareness of LED products is gradually increasing. With the increasing market share of LED lighting products, consumers' understanding of LED products has also been continuously improved. The product advantages of LED ceiling lamps have been widely publicized, which has boosted the market penetration rate.
Merchants choose traditional brand enterprises to be highly sought after market research, when the merchants are acting as LED ceiling lights, the big brands in the traditional lighting era such as NVC, Opp, Panasonic, Langen, Philips, Sunshine, Foshan Lighting are popular among the merchants. According to statistics, in the terminal market, 64 merchants prefer traditional lighting brand enterprises.
Traditional lighting brand enterprises have high visibility in the terminal market and product quality is guaranteed. Liu Bingxiang, manager of NVC Lighting Operations Center, said that brands such as NVC, Opus, Panasonic, Langneng, Sunshine and Buddha Photo are more influential. Because these LED ceiling lamps have a high reputation and reputation in the terminal market, and do not take the low-end route, the products make consumers feel at ease.
The traditional lighting brand enterprises have perfect channel layout and rich product lines to meet the different choices of consumers. In my heart, Sanxiong. Aurora, NVC, Op, Langen, etc. are excellent LED ceiling lamps. Their channels are everywhere, and their products are everywhere. Lu Yichang, general manager of Guangzhou Mingzhichen Lighting, said so. Han Shujun, an agent of NVC Lighting Baicheng, said that I am most optimistic about the development of the NVC lighting brand. Because NVC lighting is the biggest driver of traditional lighting, it is well known to consumers in the terminal market, and the channel layout of NVC Lighting is perfect, the product category is relatively complete, and the market share is very high.
The company has strong strength and perfect after-sales service. Liu Xingmao, general manager of Jiangxi Jiamei Lighting, said that if consumers always have product quality problems after purchasing products, it will affect the image of the company, making it difficult for the follow-up work of the business to start smoothly. The strength of the company can guarantee the speed of product development and the perfection of after-sales service.
As the saying goes, in the market research, 64 merchants expressed their willingness to cooperate with brand enterprises. Although the price of branded products is relatively high compared with small and medium-sized brands, this has once again verified the charm of the brand.
Intelligent and personalized future trends will be analyzed by mainstream industry veterans. The combination of intelligent control and LED lighting will change the way people use lighting. It will greatly increase the added value of lighting products and provide long-term growth momentum for the industry. Although the application of intelligent control in LED lighting is still unsatisfactory at present, it will be the biggest advantage of LED products in the near future. At this stage, the application of intelligentization in LED lighting has not been fully utilized. However, many enterprises have been eager to move toward the direction of intelligence in the design of LED ceiling lamps.
Intelligent lighting has the features of fully automatic dimming, full use of natural light sources, intelligent conversion of light environment scenes, and extended lamp life. If LED ceiling lamps are intelligently controlled, people can do whatever they want according to their own preferences. The setting of lighting reflects the scientific lighting of people-oriented. In addition, intelligent control can meet the consumption needs of different personalities and different consumption levels, so that LED ceiling lamps can play more roles besides lighting decoration.
Tianbo, director of operation of Yiguang Lighting Products, predicts that LED ceiling lamps will develop in the next five years, and intelligent control is an inevitable development trend. At the same time, in response to this trend, Yiguang LED Lighting will speed up product performance upgrades and increase the development of intelligent and personalized products. He Feng, deputy general manager of Auman Technology Lighting, told reporters that Auman has added features such as thin, remote dimming, remote color adjustment and remote control switch functions, which are not available in LED ceiling lamps, to expand LED absorption. Ceiling light market.
Industry veterans said that intelligence and personalization will become the new bright spot of LED ceiling lamps, and become a new bargaining chip for lighting companies to seize market share.

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