Shandong rare earth industry alliance was established

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On November 7, 20 rare earth companies in Shandong Province held the inauguration meeting and unveiling ceremony of the rare earth industry alliance of Shandong Province in Jinan. According to Wang Wanjie, director of the Office of Rare Earth in Shandong Province, the main purpose of the establishment of the rare earth industry alliance in Shandong Province is to create a rare earth industry exchange and cooperation platform to promote the healthy development of the rare earth industry in Shandong Province. Xu Ziyong, general manager of the first session of the league and general manager of Shandong Pengyu Industry Co., Ltd., said that the alliance will focus on four aspects: First, to strengthen industry statistics; Second, to do a good job of communication between the government and the company; Establish and improve the industry self-discipline mechanism; fourth is to guide members to carry out exchanges and cooperation between capital and technology, and strengthen technological innovation.

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