Jilin Petrochemical Fine Chemicals Project Accepted by Experts

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The 500 tons/year polyisobutylene amine pilot test technology developed by Jilin Petrochemical Fine Chemicals Factory and Southeast University was approved by an expert group organized by the China Petroleum Technology Management Department in Beijing on June 27. Gasoline detergents formulated with polyisobutylene-based agents were tested by an authoritative department on engine bench tests. The technical indicators were in compliance with the National Standard for Vehicle Gasoline Cleaner (GB19592-2004). Experts said that the level of this technology is leading domestically.

According to the person in charge of the project, this technology not only improves the epoxidation reaction of polyisobutylene, but also simplifies the process flow and reduces the product cost compared with the previous processes. At the same time, the process conditions for the epoxidation of polyisobutylene are optimized and the reaction time is shortened. After 3 hours, the yield increased from 81% to 83%. In addition, this technology also optimizes the process conditions of the amine poly(isobutylene) amidation reaction. At a lower temperature and pressure conditions, the reaction time is shortened by 2 hours, and the yield of the aminolysis reaction product is increased from 91.3% to 99.3%, which greatly reduces the Energy consumption, recycled solvents and amylolytic agents can be recycled directly.

"On the equipment, we have also made a major breakthrough and established the structure and agitation of the epoxidation and amine-reaction reactors, laying the technological foundation for engineering amplification. At present, we have completed a 10,000-ton/year polyisobutylene amine process. With the technical plan, industrialization is just around the corner,” said the person in charge.

Polyisobutylene amine is a high-performance fourth-generation gasoline detergent agent made mainly of high-activity polyisobutylene. It is also an extension of polyisobutylene products, which can improve the combustion of automobile engines and improve the fuel economy. The development of polyisobutylene amine technology and products to achieve industrial production will play a positive role in satisfying the demand for domestic gasoline detergents, improving the quality of China's gasoline, and improving the level of environmental protection.

It is reported that the next step of the project will focus on the detection of automobile exhaust emissions before and after the addition of polyisobutylene amine gasoline detergent. Through continuous improvement, it will reduce product costs and increase competitiveness. It will use a 500-ton/year pilot plant for product application. Promotion and market development work.

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