Adhere to "Five Transformations" to Promote the Upgrading of Road Transport Industry

Adhere to "Five Transformations" to Promote the Upgrading of Road Transport Industry On November 6, Feng Zhenglin, Vice Minister of Transport, presided over a seminar on road transport in Beijing. He stressed that we must adhere to the concept of scientific development and safe development to promote the upgrading of the road transportation industry. At the same time, we must base ourselves on the transition to five aspects and strive to create a coordinated transport system.

At the symposium, the deputy director of road transportation in charge of the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, and Heilongjiang, the director of the Transportation Management Bureau of Chongqing, Jiangsu, Hubei, Liaoning and other provinces (municipalities), and the person in charge of the four transport companies analyzed their own work practices. The current situation of road transportation work is facing, and put forward opinions and suggestions on key tasks such as advancing the transformation and development of the road transportation industry, responding to the reform of the "business-to-business reform" taxation system, and strengthening industry safety management. The Department of Road Transportation, the China Road Transport Association, and subordinate units participated in the discussion.

Feng Zhenglin fully affirmed the effectiveness of road transport development throughout the year. He stressed that at present, transformation and upgrading are major issues facing the road transport industry. The road transportation management departments in various places must correctly understand the direction of the transformation and upgrading of the road transport industry, and actively transition to five aspects.

First, to adapt to the needs of the two types of society. The road transportation industry should promote the transformation in accordance with the needs of a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" society. In terms of freight transportation, the pilot transportation of suspended cargo was used as a carrier to promote the transformation and upgrading of the road freight industry. In terms of passenger transportation, the integrated construction of urban and rural passenger transport and connection transport were actively promoted, and the leading role of leading enterprises was promoted to promote the adjustment of passenger transport organization structure. Second, the transition to the intelligent transportation industry. We must make full use of information technology and strengthen the structural adjustment of transportation organizations, including the application of advanced smart devices to strengthen safety supervision, the introduction of Internet of Things technology into the logistics industry, and the use of intelligent means to optimize the organization of urban public transport. Third, the road freight industry has transformed into a modern logistics industry. Fourth, to make better use of the comparative advantage of road transport. In the construction of an integrated transport system, the road transport industry must strive to exert its own comparative advantages and achieve coordinated development with other modes of transport. Fifth, the transformation of the talent team into professional qualifications. Training personnel with professional qualifications is not only reflected in the driver team, but also in the training of related service personnel, such as vehicle maintenance personnel.

Feng Zhenglin pointed out that in the next step, the road transportation industry will use the activities such as the establishment of a harmonious taxi labor relationship, public transit cities, and suspension and transport trials as a vehicle to promote the transformation and development of the road transportation industry.

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