Thoughts on the Future Development of China's Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry

In the past 30 years of reform and opening up, although China's oil and petrochemical industry has made great progress and has undergone tremendous changes, we should also be soberly aware that China's oil and petrochemical industry is also facing many problems and deficiencies: Although the basic oil and gas resources have improved, reserves The output has increased steadily, but resource “bottleneck” restrictions still exist. Although the refining and chemical industry develops rapidly and the scale strength gradually increases, the structural contradictions are still prominent; the deepening reform of large-scale state-controlled petroleum and petrochemical enterprises is in a critical stage. Contradictions and institutional obstacles have not been completely eliminated. Although the marketing network has basically taken shape and market control has increased, it has not yet been able to adapt to the requirements of complete marketization. Although overseas businesses have begun to take shape and international trade has grown steadily, they have been internationalized. There is still a long way to go; while energy saving, emission reduction and emission reduction have achieved remarkable results, there is still a certain gap between the main technical and economic indicators and the international advanced level. The pressure of environmental protection has increased, and the tasks for sustainable development are still daunting; the achievements in science and technology are fruitful and the innovation ability is constant. Enhanced, but scientific and technological innovation capabilities, technology development The proportion of high value-added products and high-tech products still needs further improvement. Although the company’s operating performance continues to improve and the quality of assets has improved, the core competitiveness, profitability, and risk resistance capabilities need to be further enhanced; the marketization of China’s energy sector Although the system and legalization have made great progress, they still face some major and in-depth issues that need to be resolved. Some related institutional mechanisms still need to be further improved.
On the whole, China's petroleum and petrochemical industry is still in a period of development characterized by large and not strong development opportunities and challenges, and the need for further improvement in international competitiveness. The reform of the entire industry has entered the stage of solving the deep-seated contradictions and problems. The development of the industry is in the process of becoming stronger, escalating, and reaching new heights.
Therefore, the future development of China's petroleum and petrochemical industry should continue to do a good job in straightening out the production relationship and developing productivity. As a result, there are four insistences:
First, we must persistently study and implement the scientific concept of development to guide the development of China's petroleum and petrochemical industry, especially in planning, layout, investment, and markets, and optimize resource allocation and rational and effective use, change growth patterns, improve management, and promote Scientific and technological progress, promote industrial upgrading and sustainable development.
The second is to insist on deepening reforms, focus on the relationship between reform, development and stability, focus on solving the deep-seated problems of traditional state-owned enterprises, and make efforts to resolve the important and outstanding issues in the construction of the marketization system for the energy sector in China, and lay a solid battle for deepening reforms.
Third, we must adhere to structural adjustments, conform to the objective laws of the development of the world's petroleum and petrochemical industries, combine our own characteristics and conditions, and the international and domestic environment in which we are located, further intensify structural adjustments in various fields in all fields, and develop in line with the development of China’s petroleum and petrochemical industries. the road.
Fourth, we must persist in innovating in inheritance, strengthening in improvement, advancing with the times, constantly summarizing the law and experience of reform and development, and recognizing the new problems and new contradictions encountered, and moving away from the new path of reform and opening up.
In short, China's petroleum and petrochemical industry will seize rare historical opportunities in the future, further emancipate the mind, and under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, deepen reforms, expand opening up, and make new breakthroughs in the industry, further industrial upgrading and sustainable development. Contributions.

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