Taicang precision machine tool for the first time export inspection and quarantine force to promote export success

Recently, a tall woman sent a banner with a "heart-to-business, sincere service" to the Taicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau office. It is understood that this is Jiangsu Thyssen Metal Products Co., Ltd. to thank Taicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for their assistance in the process of exporting machine tools for the first time, so that their machine tools can be exported smoothly.

It is understood that precision machinery is one of the characteristic industries of Taicang area, with many manufacturers, high technical level and certain leading edge. However, the products produced and exported by enterprises have been mainly made up of mechanical parts, high-tech content and high. Machine tools with added value and high return rate are still blank.

For the inspection and quarantine department, the development of mechanical and electrical products, added value and return rate in the Taicang area will lead to the development of “three highs”, which will lead to more electromechanical products going global. This is an important goal of the inspection and quarantine department to serve the local economy. Therefore, when the Taicang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that Thyssen had two deep-hole machine tools for export information, the leaders of the bureau paid great attention to it and made instructions to “help the company to ensure the smooth export of the machine tool”. The comrades of the Mechanical and Electrical Department, in accordance with the instructions of the bureau leaders, fully assisted the enterprises to handle temporary export licenses at the fastest speed.

However, as the company is the first to handle the export inspection and inspection business, it is unfamiliar with the relevant export procedures and laws and regulations. The export shipping schedule has been booked before the inspection and quarantine department has applied for inspection. In order not to delay the export of enterprises, the inspection and quarantine personnel immediately launched the emergency procedures of “emergency, emergency, special affairs” after receiving the enterprise inspection, put down the work at hand, and taught the enterprise to fill in the inspection form, and then immediately went to the enterprise for inspection. During the inspection process, the inspectors pointed out the defects that did not meet the export requirements, and worked out the rectification plan with the enterprise, requiring the enterprise to rectify overnight. The next morning, after the re-inspection of the inspectors, the value of the goods was finally $130,000. The 2 machine tools were successfully exported. This machine tool export is not only the first export of Taicang area, but also a breakthrough in the export of high-tech products of Taicang area.

The export of electromechanical products with high technology content has broad prospects. Therefore, the inspection and quarantine department recommends that more precision machinery manufacturers should fully understand the current advantages and disadvantages, strengthen horizontal integration, integrate production capacity, improve R&D level, and produce more The terminal products with high technology content further enhance the grade and competitiveness of mechanical and electrical products export.


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