Successful development of straw gasification and drying chrysanthemum technology in Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Gongju is one of the important Chinese herbal medicines in Huangshan City. It is a national origin protection product and is known as the crown of Chrysanthemum. Huangshan City has planted more than 1,400 hectares of Gongju, with an annual output of more than 800 tons. In order to improve the chrysanthemum baking process and promote the development of the Chinese medicine industry, the agricultural machinery department of Huangshan City succeeded in developing and promoting the 6JH series chrysanthemum dryer in 2002. This year, in cooperation with Huangshan Jiaxing Technology Co., Ltd., straw was used instead of wood. Traditional fuels such as coal and electricity have successfully produced a national patented product, straw gasifier, which not only saves energy and protects the environment, saves time and effort, and produces chrysanthemum products with good quality and excellent quality.
On August 7, Huangshan Agricultural Machinery Department and the Agriculture Committee, poverty alleviation, energy and other related departments conducted a straw gasification furnace commissioning test at Cao Chang, Yancheng Village, Xiuning County. Through the comparison of production and production, the 295 kg of chrysanthemum three-day material is used, and the dried chrysanthemum is 97.5 kg, which saves fuel by more than 60% than the direct burning of wood, and the gas supply continues for eight hours without frequent turning and shortening the drying time. 6 hours. Only one item of wood is saved. The household can reduce the income by 10,000 yuan this year. The trial production has aroused great interest from local chrysanthemum growers. They actively understand the installation, matching and price of gasifiers to technicians, and have invited the agricultural machinery department to design and install straw gasifiers for their chrysanthemum dryers. .
As an emerging energy source, straw gasifier can also be widely used in drying tea, edible fungi, Chinese herbal medicines and alfalfa leaves. The promotion and application of this technology not only enables the use of waste resources such as straw, but also effectively protects forestry resources, realizes the sustainable development of the Chinese medicine industry, and accelerates the pace of building a new socialist countryside.

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