Suspension Rubber Buffer 81960206013 81960200172 for Man F2000 F90 Tga Trucks

  • Part: Bumper/Buffer
  • Position: Rear
Rubber Buffer, suspension, Front Axle for MAN F, L, M, TGAFitting Position: Front Axle left and right
Fitting Position: Front Axle left and right
Original part numbers (only for comparison)
81.90711.0192 - 81.96020.0172 - 81.96020.6013 - 81.96020.0110 - 81.96020.0136 - 81.96020.6006
A4.771.160.000 - 4.771.160.000
4.771.160.000 - A4.771.160.000
A4.771.160.000 - 4.771.160.000
Further references:
DT Spare Parts:
PE Automotive:
054.001-00A - 034.081-00A
FEBI: 11200

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