Shaanxi accidentally discovered the tomb of Dunhuang county in the Tang Dynasty

The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology that in March of this year, a villager in Huayin City, Shaanxi Province, discovered an undisclosed Tang Dynasty tomb during the construction of a house. According to the latest research by experts, the tomb owner even served as a Dunhuang County Order in the Tang Emperor Gaozong period. Later, he died in Luoyang, a job site in the eastern capital. This provided fresh information for the study of the history of cultural exchanges on the Silk Road and the official system of the ancient China.

It is understood that this Tang Dynasty tomb is located in Liancun Town, Fushui Town, Huayin City. It is a couple-burial tomb with single-room brick vouchers for slopes. It is located from north to south. Its overall length is about 16.5 meters and its depth is 4.5 meters. Its structure is mainly composed of four parts: tomb roads, ramps, gates and tombs. The archaeologists found that the cultural relics in the tomb chamber were basically complete, with more than 70 pieces (groups) of pottery objects, bronze wares, iron tools, stone tools, etc. unearthed.

According to Liu Dunyun, an associate researcher at the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, according to the records of the unearthed epitaph, the tomb was the tomb owner Song Su and his wife Wang Shi together with the tomb, and Song Su was a Dunhuang county official of Shazhou during the Tang Emperor Gaozong. The current mayor of Dunhuang, the discovery of the tomb, provided physical data for understanding the history of Dunhuang in the Tang Dynasty and different tomb cultures and the history of Silk Road exchange in the Guanzhong area in Shaanxi Province.

The reporter saw that the Tomb of Song Su had exquisite excavated tombs, kings, civil officials, military attaches, camels, horses, and other pottery figurines, as well as some horse-riding slugs and ladies' figurines. Their characteristics are slightly different from those in the Guanzhong region. Some horse-riding characters are still relatively rare. They should have inherited the characteristics of the Sui and Tang dynasties in Luoyang.

Liu Yunyun said that the unearthed epitaphs show that in Tang Gaozong he was the head of the tomb of the Dunhuang magistrate in Shazhou, and he was arrested at the inspection of the Dongdu Palace (that is, he died at a job in Luoyang, the eastern capital). In view of the tomb owner’s magistrate’s orders in Dunhuang, and later serving in Tang Dongdu’s court, the accidental discovery of the tomb provided physical information for the experts to understand the promotion system of the central and local officials.

Dunhuang is a major town on the Silk Road, and during the Gaozong period of Tang Dynasty, it was also a necessary place for East-West cultural and material exchanges. The unearthed tombs of Hussein and camel crickets on the one hand have witnessed the far-reaching influence of Silk Road culture. On the other hand, it also corroborates that the “Robust” Silk Road officials deal with matters concerning Chinese and foreign business travelers, envoys and religious believers. test.

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