Smart water meter also helps save water

As of yesterday, 2,000 residents of Jiangqiao Town in Jiading District have installed code-based smart water meter DYS. In this way, residents do not have to read the meter themselves or wait for people to read the meter, and the water meter reading staff does not have to wait for the rest of the family to go to the door to read the meter. With the convenience of the two phases, the residents' awareness of water conservation has also been greatly enhanced, and the phenomenon of default on water resources will also be resolved.

Meter reading workers go to the door to copy the water meter, sometimes it is tempered. Of course, there are problems that are inconvenient. For example, residents want to sleep late or have a nap. Some people knock on the door and they are a bit uncomfortable. In addition, the troubles of posing as a door-to-door charge have also occurred from time to time. Now, the resident can press the enter key, 揿 8 digits to purchase the water password, and then press the OK button. After installing the smart meter, the water purchase can be used in the first half of the year, and once it is used up, it can be limited. The smart meter is a mechanical part, and the second is an electronic control part. The anti-theft water is very resistant to interference. If a strong electromagnetic (such as a magnet) is attached, the watch will automatically close the valve.

According to the introduction of the Shanghai Hujiang Waterworks in Jiangqiao Town, dripping water in the residents' homes is still drizzling compared to the water meter flipping or using the spare water meter. In order to promote this smart watch, and in line with the principle of thinking for the people, Jiangqiao Town and Hujiang Waterworks have made great efforts. The 350 yuan table plus the artificial matching price is 500 yuan, all of which are paid by the town and the water plant. That is, the residents did not spend a penny, and the old-fashioned water meters were generally replaced in six years. Many residents usually have more than 10 years of experience. After installing the smart watch, it can be said once and for all, greatly facilitating the residents' water use. At the same time, residents look at the use of the table, saving water is a common practice.

There are 10,000 old-fashioned workshop water meters in the Jiangqiao area that need to be updated. The construction workers of Hujiang Water Plant will be installed free of charge, and will be converted to 3,000 by the end of this year. In addition, the town has cancelled the roof tank two years ago, using a constant pressure variable frequency pump to send tap water directly to the residents' homes.

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