Landscaping dedicated to move more flexible and more flexible - SY16C mini excavator evaluation

In recent years, small excavators, especially mini-excavators, have played an increasingly prominent role in the construction of municipal projects, farmland water conservancy, etc., and have made great contributions to saving manpower and material resources, and they have been able to maximize in a narrow working space. Limit its production capacity.

For the Chinese construction machinery industry, the Sany Mini excavator has become the best-selling star product. Among them, the new landscaping special excavator – the SY16C is flexible, durable, and most importantly, a good machine capable of saving fuel. Minimal excavator performance characteristics - excavation work is stable and reliable, high configuration, superior performance, low fuel consumption, beautiful appearance, wide range of uses.


Suitable range

Loose land in vegetable greenhouses, landscaping in municipal departments, digging pits in orchard nursery trees, crushing of concrete pavements, agitation of sand and gravel, construction of narrow spaces, rapid replacement of joints, lower maintenance and operating costs, increased mechanization, and investment The return is high. Today, this product Sany cooperates with China Construction Machinery Business Network and adopts the online direct sales model. The price is only 158,000 yuan.


Specially designed for power

In terms of power system, Sany excavator uses Sany's exclusive Yanmar EPA INT eco-friendly engine, CASAPPA main pump, Walvoil main valve, NACHI slewing, and NACHI walking. Configuration is among the best in its class. The original imported engine is matched with the load-sensing hydraulic system. Combined with the self-developed power matching and debugging technology, the SY16C brings the mini excavator's high-efficiency energy-saving to the extreme.


At the same time, the SY16C uses the original SLSS hydraulic system to achieve a perfect match between the engine and the main pump, which can make the best use of the engine's output power, lower fuel consumption, and improve work efficiency.

Enhanced design More stable performance

As a representative of the mini excavator, the SY16C has enhanced the design of various components, reinforced work devices and high-strength rotary platforms, the overall performance is more stable; reinforced work devices and frames, based on the ANSYS platform, optimize the structure, reduce stress concentration The average life expectancy is increased by 30%.



The bottom of the bucket of the SY16C excavator is designed with water leaking holes. Three teeth are designed and the material used is very sufficient.

At the same time, the SY16C excavator arm can be seen in the reinforced design of the small and large arm joints, while the wear bucket also enhances the equipment's operating efficiency and service life.

Excellent work efficiency

The SY16C is ergonomically designed so that each control button is within reach of the driver; exchange of steel tracks and rubber tracks can be achieved and can be performed directly on the road to meet various operating conditions.


SY16C deflectable arm, deflectable working device range: left 595mm, right turn 350mm, both sides can easily excavate the outer edge of the track, can work in the wall corners and other space restrictions.


Convenient maintenance More comfortable cabs

SY16C is easy to maintain and maintain. All electrical components are designed with a centralized layout, and important components are very easy to work near; the daily maintenance position is concentrated on the rear of the machine. After opening the rear hood, the air filter, fuel filter, etc. can be easily accessed for maintenance.



Due to the ergonomic design of the interior of the cab, the SY16C allows each control button to be within reach of the driver. The bottom of the cab is equipped with an advanced silicone rubber mount for better anti-vibration effect; the seat can be fully seated. Azimuth adjustment, the control box can be moved to the most ideal position on the secondary track.

At the same time, the cab is equipped with high-power air conditioning, warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable and pleasant. The vision of the whole machine is wide, the skylight of the cab can also be opened, the front window can be turned up to the top, and the rear window can provide a good view of the rear and sides. In order to avoid the influence of the reflection of the display screen on the visibility, the control panel can also be tilted toward the inside.

SY16C, as a representative of the Sany mini-excavator, has been fully verified for its quality and performance. It is a special-purpose machine for small projects such as landscaping and farmland water conservancy. Now that urbanization is increasingly advancing, it is believed that it will be more favored. .

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