How to quickly detect grid power abnormal events?

The quality of power quality has a serious impact on the military industry, precision instrument processing industry, aerospace, railway transportation, and communications industries. Failure to timely detect abnormal power events in the power grid and effectively respond to them will result in serious safety incidents. What about the grid quality problem and how can it be detected in real time?
Why use a power quality analyzer?
Various kinds of power events in the power grid often indicate some abnormalities in the quality of power grids. Finding these abnormalities in a timely manner and taking countermeasures will greatly help ensure the quality of the power grid and reduce the economic losses and accidents caused by the anomalies. Conversely, if it fails to timely detect abnormal power events in the power grid in a timely manner, serious safety incidents will result.
The quality of power quality is particularly significant for the military industry, precision instrument processing industry, aerospace, railway transportation, and communications industries.

Traditional mass analysis instrument and new on-line power quality detection device
Traditional power event analysis mainly has the following features:
It is usually done with handheld or portable instruments;
When the power grid data needs to be analyzed, the operation and maintenance personnel first carry the power detector to the grid site wiring, collect the data and then export it for analysis.
Due to the need for on-site operation, on-site collection, and export analysis, its safety (danger of electric shock), convenience (on-site waiting for data collection), and timeliness (analysis of results lagging behind) all have great deficiencies. There is a significant time lag for finding electrical energy anomalies in the grid. It is often the case that unusual events happen and cause major economic losses before they spend time and money to monitor grid quality problems.
With the development of power electronics technology, the large-scale use of non-linear loads has caused excessive harmonics and unbalanced three-phase phases. At the same time, many power quality problems such as voltage dips and inrush currents caused by impact loads have caused great impact on the power grid. influences. Traditional power monitoring methods can no longer meet the current requirements for safe, real-time, efficient, and rapid monitoring of power grids.
How to quickly discover and notify abnormal events in the power grid has become an urgent need for new online power monitoring devices.

The new on-line power quality monitoring device is connected to the back office management system through Ethernet. Once installed and deployed once, it can achieve long-term stable power quality monitoring. Compared with traditional power data monitoring methods, on-line security monitoring (without on-site power operation), more efficient (in situ computer data acquisition and analysis, high-performance background server for data deep mining) to monitor and analyze the power grid data, can be achieved Automatic collection of real-time data, real-time detection and notification of abnormal events. Avoid accidents caused by power quality problems and reduce economic losses.
E8300 online power detection device
Online Power Quality Analyzer E8300 Series Introduction
Zhiyuan Electronic Online Power Quality Analyzer E8300 series adopts high-speed and high-performance digital signal processor. It integrates harmonic analysis, flicker measurement, power measurement, voltage unbalance measurement, fault recording, and event recording. Record steady-state data and transient data, and dig deeper into the causes of each event. It can quickly collect and accurately analyze various power parameters, and can monitor and evaluate various indicators of power quality. Supports the monitoring of more than 300 kinds of grid abnormal events, including device dropping, voltage abrupt change, voltage and current distortion overrun, content over-limit, frequency up-down, etc., covering almost all possible abnormalities in the power grid. The E8300 series on-line power quality analyzer can detect abnormal events in the power grid in real time and dig out the causes of the events. When an alarm event occurs, the customer can be informed in real time via email. Develop a coping strategy for the customer and dispatch field maintenance personnel to provide assistance so as to avoid accidents caused by abnormal grid quality and reduce economic losses.

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