How to seal angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are mainly used on machine tool spindles. In most cases, the outer ring of such a bearing has a locking port and thus cannot seal the annular groove thus formed, so that many angular contact ball bearings used on the machine tool spindle cannot be used like other bearings on other mainframes. Fill with grease. If an auxiliary lubrication system is installed, it will increase the cost and make the machine structure more complicated.

FAG's Barden division has solved this problem. The advanced method is to insert a new type of grooved sealing ring into the bearing, which is slightly shallower than the standard bearing and fits exactly at the intersection, filling the gap left by the outer ring flange. The addition of this seal not only blocks the grease from leaking from both sides of the bearing, but also blocks the intrusion of dirt from both sides of the bearing.

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