Domestic high-quality petroleum coke is extremely competitive

The day before yesterday, the Jilin Chemical Industry Circular Economy Demonstration Park reported that the first domestic use of tunnel kiln calcination delayed coke technology has successfully achieved industrial production. The first batch of 500-ton high-grade petroleum coke was just rolled off at Yicheng Petroleum Co., Ltd. This technology took only 1 year and 4 months from obtaining national patents to production.
According to the person in charge of Yicheng Petroleum Co., Ltd., the high-grade petroleum coke calcined in the tunnel kiln is the first in China, and the “conventional” calcination method they used is also the first in the industry, thus changing the traditional tank furnace calcining with a short, The temperature is low, and the impurities in the raw material cannot overflow in the form of volatiles. Using this process, petroleum coke with 70% to 80% carbon content is calcined at high temperatures in a 100-meter-long tunnel kiln and turns into a high-grade petroleum coke with a silver-gray, metallic luster. After testing by China's carbon industry product testing authority, the major technical indicators of the first batch of products of Yicheng have been at the leading level in the domestic industry, and several key indicators have surpassed imported products.
It is reported that this new process of petroleum coke is the result of more than 20 years of research by Yang Zhongyi, a carbon expert in China. He obtained a national invention patent certificate in October 2008. Industrial production was realized in a short period of time, creating a miracle in the rapid transformation of patent achievements. The new technology has the characteristics of simple technological process, convenient operation, short production cycle, high production efficiency, high product quality and low cost.
High-grade petroleum coke is mainly used for manufacturing high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes. Billion's product's resistivity is lower than the imported coke by more than 20%, which can effectively reduce the power loss during the metal smelting process. At the same time, the production of the electrode can reduce one process. In addition, the use of this new process to calcine petroleum coke has no "three wastes" emissions, and the residual heat can be used to heat the plant through heat exchangers. The production process is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
It is understood that China imports a large number of high grade petroleum coke every year. At present, the imported coke CIF price is between 13,000 and 14,000 yuan per ton. Billion's product price is only about 1 million yuan per ton, the product has strong competitiveness and broad market prospects.
The project's total investment is expected to be 1.2 billion yuan. The first phase of the company's projects was put into operation, with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons and an annual output value of 400 million yuan. The company started the second phase of the project this year and built five tunnel kilns to increase production capacity to 300,000 tons/year. The third phase of the project will build six more tunnel kiln, so that the production capacity will reach 600,000 tons/year. The annual output value of the project can reach 6 billion yuan.

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