Material Mechanics (Part â…  Overview )

Overview of material mechanics Mechanics of materials is the limit of strain, stress, strength, stiffness, stability and the destruction of various materials under various external forces.In general, mechanical engineering and civil engineering and related majors must be taught to study material mechanics, which requires students to take advanced mathematics and theoretical mechanics.Material mechanics and theoretical mechanics, structural mechanics and three major mechanics.The research object of material mechanics is rod, beam, shaft, etc.The problem of truss structure is discussed in structural mechanics, and the problem of plate shell structure is discussed in elastic mechanics. Definition of material mechanics A branch of solid mechanics that studies the basic disciplines of structural components and the carrying capacity of mechanical parts.Its basic task is to: simple in structure and mechanical components are simplified as a one-dimensional bar, calculate stress and deformation of the rod and study the stability of the pole, to ensure that the structure can withstand the scheduled load;Select the appropriate material, section shape and size to design the safety and economic structural components and mechanical parts. In structural load bearing or mechanical movement, to ensure that each component or mechanical parts can work normally, components and parts must meet the following requirements: (1) don't break, namely has enough strength;The elastic deformation produced by the member shall not exceed the allowable scope of the project, i.e. sufficient stiffness;The equilibrium in the original shape should be stable equilibrium, which is that the component will not lose its stability.On the three aspects of strength, stiffness and stability requirements, sometimes referred to as "strength", and the mechanics of materials in the three parties face component of calculation and test, collectively known as the strength calculation and strength test. In order to ensure design safety, it is usually required to use more materials and quality materials;In order to make the design conform to economic principles, it also requires less materials and cheaper materials.One of the aims of material mechanics is to solve this contradiction reasonably and provide theoretical basis and calculation method for the design of security and economy.

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