In 45 years, Yutong has become a landmark landscape for the passenger car industry

Behind every historic company is an unforgettable story, especially Yutong.

From 1963 to 2008, Yutong has gone through a full 45 years of time. In the 45 years, it was only a moment in the long river of time, but it was a memorable time for the Chinese bus industry, and it also made Yutong a symbol of the world bus industry.

From small to large, the first brand of China's passenger cars was achieved in 45 years

Historians say that without understanding history, there is no way to grasp the present and the future. On March 30, 1963, the Zhengzhou Bus Repair Factory (the predecessor of Zhengzhou Yutong) was established. No one would have thought that, decades later, this very humble small repair factory would become the pride of the Chinese bus industry. In fact, from a vertical perspective, the history of Yutong's development can be divided into two major stages. Its time node is 1993.

From 1963 to 1993, due to the influence of factors such as planned economy and market environment, Yutong has been stagnating in the bottom. “I entered the workshop of the Zhengzhou Bus Repair Factory at that time in 1985, that is, the current Yutong passenger car parts workshop. When the bus repair factory was very small, the scale was very small, and a few months could not produce a few cars. There is no enthusiasm, one day to live for a long time, and other times to do their own private affairs. But because it is a planned economy, eat a big pot of rice, barely able to live." The current group plant manager Yan Xiaoyan recalls.

This kind of operating situation did not begin to change until 1993, and Yutong has also become the first brand of Chinese passenger cars in the rapid development of the next decade, not only ranking first in production and sales, but also in brand value. A well-deserved "gold medal" company. With regard to this point, we can see some clues from the following records of development trajectories.

In 1993, Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of the Zhengzhou Bus Factory, which symbolizes that the company has achieved historic overstepping and transformation from the factory system to the company system, and has become a turning point in the development of Yutong;

In 1997, Yutong Bus was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first listed company in the domestic bus production industry.

In 1998, the new plant of Yutong Bus was opened and it became the largest production base in Asia with the largest production scale and most advanced technology.

In October 2003, Yutong ranked 416th among the top 500 companies in China with an operating income (excluding tax) of 2.96 billion yuan in 2003, becoming the only company selected in China's bus industry;

In 2004, Yutong Group achieved sales revenue of over RMB 7.4 billion, an increase of 52% over 2003. Among them, the bus segment sells more than 18,000 buses and has a sales revenue of more than 5.5 billion yuan;

In 2005, the “Yutong” trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark, and it became the only bus company in the industry with two honorable titles: “China Top Brand” and “China Famous Brand”.

In 2006, Yutong Group achieved a turnover of 101.398 billion yuan, a passenger car sales revenue of 7.19 billion yuan, and a sales volume of 22198 vehicles, making it the first company in the domestic passenger car industry to exceed 10 billion yuan in sales;

In 2006, Yutong passed the special review of the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and obtained the first certificate of “exemption from import and export products” in the automotive industry.

In 2007, Yutong again signed a 5348 passenger cars with Cuba, a total value of up to 370 million US dollars in the big single, this is the domestic auto industry in the past decade, the largest amount of export orders. This year, under the situation of slowing domestic passenger car market demand, Yutong’s remarkable performance in the domestic and international market full harvest has once again become an important force supporting the increase in sales of the passenger car industry. The sales volume of 25,522 passenger cars has also become a new benchmark for the industry.


Yutong’s today is inseparable from the 45 years of profound accumulation; Yutong’s current value and status today, and a 45-year history of corporate development have made a best interpretation.

From weak to strong, 45 years' drive of Yutong’s leading companies to “sell” standards

First-rate companies sell "standards." Based on 45 years of accumulated sales, Yutong has captured the opportunity of passenger transportation companies to provide more value-added services to their customers, and gradually became the domestic bus industry. "Standard" leader.

In a narrow sense, selling standards refers to the participation in the formulation of even the technical standards that govern the bus industry. However, in a broad sense, sales standards include at least the following aspects.

The first is the tree brand "standard." The development of brand competition in the bus industry is relatively early in the commercial vehicle industry in China. This is largely due to Yutong. Yutong does not fight price wars and advocates active product competition and brand competition. As early as 2005, Yutong took the lead in initiating the “durable is gold” storm, and built “durable” as a synonym for Yutong; in 2007, Yutong further The "durable" upgrade puts forward the brand idea of ​​"Create more value for you". It is because of Yutong's inspiration and guidance that in recent years, the passenger car industry has really entered a new era of brand competition, the atmosphere of the entire industry has taken on a new look, and the passenger car industry is moving toward a more healthy and rational direction.

The second is the establishment of technical "standards." On the one hand, through the participation in the drafting and formulation of national and industry standards, Yutong Company promotes the healthy development of the passenger car industry with its advanced technology and research and development concepts; and more importantly, Yutong’s ever-increasing demands on the company’s spontaneous standards continue to promote. The progress of the industry's overall technological level. When it comes to this, it is necessary to mention Yutong’s R&D department and the subsequent “big shots”. In 2000, Yutong became the first enterprise post-doctoral research station in the industry. In 2004, Yutong Technology Center was recognized as a national-level technical center by the four ministries and commissions of the country and became the first national-level technology center in the passenger car industry. Since 2004, Yutong has constantly upgraded its product durability and product value, especially the fuel-saving effect. The engine heat management technology, as well as safer and more comfortable closed rings of gold steel, balanced pressure seats, and silent technology, have become the focus of the industry and have guided the development trend of technology.

The third is selling customers "standards." At the same time that product sales ranks first in the country for many years, Yutong continues to innovate in marketing concepts, and has begun to provide passengers with total solutions to create more value for customers in order to better achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and users. . From pure product promotion and sales, to providing customers with full value chain solutions such as internal management and route operation planning, Yutong has become a solution provider and standard provider, exploring a new “blue sea”. It also provides a forward-looking model for the transformation and reference of the entire industry.

From the inside to the outside, promoting Yutong's transformation to a large multinational corporation in 45 years

In China where passenger car production accounts for one-third of global passenger car production, it is most productive to produce large multinational passenger car manufacturers. Yutong, which has been through 45 years, is also the Chinese company that has the greatest potential to become the leading multinational bus giant.

First of all, from the perspective of production and sales volume, Yutong has become the second largest manufacturer of passenger cars in the world, second only to Mercedes-Benz in Germany. Yutong, with its long history, also possesses non-replicable technology accumulation, R&D team, and management culture. At the same time, since 2005, Yutong has passed the threshold of 20,000 passenger car sales, and continues to maintain steady growth. The advantages of technology, management model, scale of production and sales, sales, and profits are one of the “engines” that drive Yutong to become a multinational company.

Second, Yutong is the earliest “going out” Chinese bus company, and it is also one of the first bus companies with a global and global perspective. A few years ago, in response to the development of the company and the market conditions at home and abroad, Yutong Chief Manager Tang Yuxiang proposed that "Yutong buses can make a decent trip and earn money." After that, Yutong conducted a lot of research and development around the overseas market, which was solid and fruitful. In 2005, Yutong achieved more than 2,400 vehicles exported from the contract, an increase of 11 times compared to 2004. By 2007, 3,319 units of passenger cars were sold overseas, and the export value reached 1.39 billion yuan. Domestic and foreign sales again ranked first in the industry. Yutong’s exports have, to a certain extent, led the entire passenger car industry to set off a “going out” boom, and “hands-on” ahead of time has also made Yutong the first global perspective.

Third, Yutong already has the shape of a multinational company. The typical characteristics of a multinational corporation are to enjoy a well-known brand internationally, build a number of industrialized production bases and export technologies. From the export of products three years ago, to the formation of eight overseas strategic markets, to CKD assembly and technology and brand output in recent years, Yutong has successfully crossed the initial stage of internationalization; and “build service networks first and then enter the market” With its advanced internationalization concept, Yutong has the willpower and decision-making power to become a large multinational coach group. In particular, Yutong issued the “Declaration of Value” across the country at the end of April this year at the Russian Commercial Vehicle Show and the China Communications Exhibition. "DRIVE YOUR VALUE" (Drive Your Value) marks the new stage of Yutong's domestic and foreign market drive and its entry into the brand.

The accumulation of 45 years has enabled Yutong to accumulate enough; Yutong in the future has unlimited potential on the road to multinational corporations. Yutong’s gold medal value will continue to exceed expectations.

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