How is the filling mining method classified?

Filling mining methods can be divided into three groups depending on the filling materials used and the means of transport:
1 Dry filling method, the filling material is the gravel produced by the special open quarry, the stripping of the open pit or the waste rock of the underground mining. After being crushed, it is transported to the stope by mechanical, manual or wind power.
2 Hydraulic filling method, filling materials are sand, gravel, tailings or slag. Pipeline is used to transport water to the stope.
3 cement filling method, the filling material is cementitious material such as cement and slurry cement material prepared by sand, slag or tailings. After solidification, it has a certain strength and is transported to the stope by hydraulic or mechanical means. The dry filling method is the earliest application, its production efficiency is low, labor intensity is high, and mining cost is high.
According to the structure of the stope, the mining direction and the mining process, the filling mining method can be divided into the upper layer filling method, the lower layer filling method, the wall filling method, the wall filling method and the box bracket filling method.

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