G - Inverter Square-wave AC/DC Argon Arc & Electric Multi-function Welding machine(WSE-315)

WSE-315 is an inverter based TIG welding machine with added MMA welding capability. This machine will consistenly deliver high quality TIG welding of steel, stainess steel, copper and most alloys. Its balanced AC allows cleaning action control whilst welding alluminum.

WSE-315 is the right machine for every location -- construction site, assembly, workshop or production site.

§ Easy to use on site

§ AC special-alternating current for every need

§ Special functions for different materials

§ Power saving and effeciency

§ Excellent ignition and welding characteristics

Power Voltage(V)  AC 380V ± 15%  Frequency (HZ)  50/60
Rated input power(KVA)  9  Current range(A)  15 - 315
Rated no-load voltage(V)  56  Duty cycle(%)  60
Decay time(s)  0 - 5  Exhaust time(s)  2 - 10
Arc ignition mode  HF  Rod Diameter(mm)  Φ1.6 - Φ5.0
Dimention(mm)   600 * 330 *450  Weight(KG)  36

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