Sanitation car rookie Shaanxi steam M3000 multi-purpose washing vehicle

Shaanxi Auto M3000 multi-purpose sweeper was jointly developed by Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Sanyuan. It is a large-scale multi-purpose machine that integrates road cleaning, road cleaning, stone facade washing and spray dust reduction, and low pressure flushing. Multi-purpose cleaning cleaning vehicle. Its PLC programming, intelligent control system, electric, liquid, gas centralized control, dumping dumping. At present, the multifunctional cleaning vehicle has been put into the market in Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Qinghai and other regions, and has contributed to the cleaning of urban roads. It has been fully recognized by the relevant sanitation departments and customers.

Then, how many uses does it have, how is the structure of the vehicle, and whether the relevant parameters are ahead of the game, and what exactly does the specific performance have? In the following, Xiaobian gives you a detailed introduction.

What are the main uses?

It can be used for road sweeping, cleaning, high pressure cleaning and low pressure flushing on roads, squares, airports, docks, etc. It can be used as a road sweeper alone, or can perform high pressure cleaning and sweeping operations at the same time; with road sweeping, road sweeping , roadsides and roads along the stone facade scrubbing and spray dust and other features. After work, the road surface is free of dust, no water catchment, and the original appearance of asphalt or concrete is exposed after the road surface is cleaned.

Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer

Second, the main structure of what kind?

It is composed of vehicle chassis system, auxiliary engine and power transmission system, water tank, dustbin, high pressure cleaning system, low pressure waterway system, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electric control system side, sweeping system, sucker, etc.

Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer

Third, the relevant parameters lead it?

Product basic parameters

Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer

Product uploading parameters

Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer

Fourth, the specific performance in the end is good?

It has various functions such as road sweeping/sweeping, roadside and roadside stone facade scrubbing, spray dust reduction and low pressure flushing.

The shape of the box body of the vehicle adopts a rectangular section, which has strong structural performance and beautiful appearance.

The working device adopts the layout of "two-plate middle sweeper + center-mounted V-shaped water jet frame + suction nozzle structure".

The left and right high-pressure side booms and nozzles form a “V” type arrangement, hydraulic operation retractable, and can adjust the “V” angle and high-pressure water nozzle angle. The water flow has large impact force and can efficiently collect sewage. The side boom has Anti-collision and automatic reset function.

Can achieve 6 kinds of work modes: left wash, right wash, full wash, left sweep, right sweep, full sweep. .

The unique side spray anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side spray mechanism. The multi-directional anti-collision type side flushing mechanism can avoid damage caused by the flushing device hitting the road teeth at any time.

Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer

The clean water tank and the sewage waste tank are independently arranged, and the effective space utilization is maximized, and one continuous operation takes a long time. At the same time in the process of operation can be discharged through the sewage pipe sewage, at any time to add water to continue operations;

The garbage cans are discharged by double fuel tanks, and spray devices are installed in the bins to quickly flush the rubbish bins.

In order to facilitate the inspection of the auxiliary engine, detection doors are provided at the front, side, and top of the nacelle to facilitate the access of maintenance personnel. Anti-overfill alarm device is installed in the garbage bin. The material of the cabinet body is selected scientifically to avoid using materials with high rigidity.

In order to improve the impact resistance of the box more effectively, the steel frame of the hat is used in the box and the overall structure is tight. A high-pressure spray system can be installed under the tail of the trash can for road spray dust reduction and summer road cooling operations.

Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer Shaanxi Auto M3000 Multifunctional Washer

The brushing ground pressure adopts aerodynamic decompression control technology, which can achieve a constant contact pressure between the brush and the ground. It can be automatically compensated after brushing and abrasion, and no manual adjustment is needed to ensure that the cleaning efficiency is not affected. The brush has automatic obstacle avoidance protection and reset function.

The clean water tanks and waste water tanks are made of monolithic stainless steel and are never rusted.

The optional low pressure water system is equipped with a large duck mouth at the front nozzle. The flushing pressure is large, and six lanes can be flushed at one time. The nozzle can be adjusted 360° from left to right and 360° from top to bottom.

It has a pneumatic net anti-freeze device to effectively remove residual water in the water system and prevent components from being damaged due to ice formation.

With a variety of security alarm devices: clean water tank low water level, high water level in the trash can, hydraulic oil leaks, etc. alarm, optional installation of color monitors to monitor operating conditions.

Using PLC programming, intelligent control system, centralized control of electricity, liquid and gas, the driver can complete various actions in the cab.

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